Could you communicate with clients online more effectively?

Many businesses spend inordinate amounts of money on marketing campaigns. On closer inspection, these companies have often misguidedly invested their money in communicative techniques or products which simply haven’t cut it when it comes to really speaking to their desired audience. Although it might sound tricky on the face of it, reaching consumers effectively takes some insider knowhow and a little careful consideration. So how could you communicate with clients more effectively online?

Consider the goals of the end user

Whether you are creating an informative video about your services or constructing an email marketing campaign, you’ll always need to do so with the end user’s goals in mind for it to be fully effective. Simply shouting about what you do and identifying what sets you apart from competitors isn’t quite enough – you need to differentiate further by communicating an understanding of what they need. You can do this by providing the solution to whatever issue they may have – whether that’s needing an accountant, choosing a pair of trainers or buying a car.

Get the balance right

There is such a thing as ‘too much’ on social media – but it’s comparably better than too little. Communicating effectively with your target market is all about balance – too much can be off-putting, frustrating and irritating – ultimately, it forces them to disengage and ignore what you have to say. On the other hand too little is similarly negative – as sporadic posts lacking substance are unlikely to grab the attention of consumers who are increasingly impatient and bombarded with information.

Your ‘ideal number’ will largely depend on your audience and the nature of your business, but you should be putting something out there at least weekly which catches the attention of customers new and old.

Target through several mediums

Connecting with your audience requires a considered yet multi-faceted approach – putting all your eggs in one basket or adopting a ‘spray and pray’ methodology is unlikely to produce positive results. Think carefully about where your target audience are likely to come into contact with your brand – where they are most exposed and susceptible to taking in your marketing message.

Take a look at the competition

Choose a competitor who sells or provides a product or service as similar as possible to yours with the same demographic. If you can, select a company with a different strategy to you and measure their success against your own. This way you can discover what’s working for them and what’s not, enabling you to bypass their mistakes whilst implementing the things they’re doing well.

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