Create Content to Bring Traffic to your Website

According to senior SEO manager at Sapient Razorfish, Ali Brenner, link-worthy content is essential for any website to succeed. It all starts with learning about what people are doing when they visit your website. If you can create content that is aimed at your desired audience, you can bring traffic to your website in a way that benefits your business.

Understanding the visitor can bring Traffic to your Website

Demographics don’t tell the entire story. Understanding their intent tells you what you need to know. Let’s take your website categories, for example. When creating your categories, think about the intent of the page and any questions that could come across the minds of your visitors, make sure that the page fulfils the intent of the user.

It is also important to think about the kinds of content that attracts people to click. Consider images, comparisons, text, charts and more. Images are a wonderful way to get links to your content. This includes using platforms such as social media to get people to your website. Though these links may be NoFollow, it does build awareness. Who knows who may find the content and share it out socially! Add buttons to the end of your content t make it easier for people to share out to their friends and followers.

Evergreen Content

This is instructional, resource-focused, authority gaining and ageless. This kind of content is always relevant, valuable and extremely informative to the reader. It includes how-to tips, explanations, guides, lists, videos and more.


Video content is never used enough, but it is so important. It is a great way to build trust, engage with your audience and is often preferred by many.


It is an essential skill to be able to visualise and communicate data. If you can help people to understand the data, you have struck gold. Data is everywhere you turn, whether it be digital advertisements, CRM, social media and more. It is also possible to create your own data through case studies or surveys. Those who choose to use your data must then cite you. This helps to build traffic.


We have spoken many times about how important storytelling is in the world of content. If you can empathise with your audience then you can write what they need. Think about their questions, fears, dilemmas and more. Answer them in a way that offers peace of mind. Use humour and information to relate to them and show your understanding. Hook them in with the answer to their queries.

Develop Reusable Content

This works well for those who are working with a low budget. Information is something that can often be used time and time again. So, if you create or find data that has been published, you can use it multiple times for content. If someone releases content on a yearly basis, then you can create an infographic each year and swap the new data into the same template.

Outreach should be an Ongoing Activity

Typically, you make an idea, design it, prospect it and then do outreach. However, you don’t necessarily need to follow this pattern. Keep the outreach going in as many ways as you can depending on the needs of your audience at the time.

What works across the Industries?

It is important that you make reports on every campaign you launch and every link that you build. If you can track the link attributes, are they NoFollow or Follow? In which industry do you get the most traffic? The more you track, the more you can prioritise your efforts.

Outreach to Second-tier Websites

Learn about who is sending links through to your content. Make sure you know who is linking to others who cover you. If they are not linking directly to you, then it may be a good idea to connect with them and ask them to do so.

Keyword Research

Find keywords in analytics, open graph, title tags and descriptions. Consider all the possible keywords that can be ranked in content pieces and campaigns.

Knockdown the Gate

Internal marketing teams or external agencies can be quite protective when it comes to their contacts. Try to learn about the intentions of their campaigns. You can create and share a content calendar with this team. Be careful with how you build a contact list with these teams, especially when considering GDPR.

Talk to Search and More

If you want to create content to bring traffic to your website, there are so many small things to consider. As a result, this can be overwhelming. As a business owner, it is likely that you would prefer to spend more time on the business. The content around it, though important, should be a second thought in your mind. This is where Search and More come in.

We are here to assist with your content, SEO, web development, backups and more. We can create a pick ‘n’ mix service to suit your individual needs. This means you get exactly what you need without the stress of complicated pricing. To learn more about our services, get in touch.

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