How To Create Your Own Squidoo Page.

You may have never heard of Squidoo before, but it’s been around the social publishing network for some while and is gaining in popularity all the time.

Essentially Squidoo is a simple way of sharing your interests with your friends and customers and building your online identity and credibility. It helps you connect with new friends and readers, and what’s more, it’s free.



Anyone can register on Squidoo. All that’s needed is the creation of an identifying page: Squidoo refer to these pages as ‘lenses.’ Lenses are essentially another name for a landing page and are specific to you alone. They can be about anything – your company, your product or maybe even your own particular take on the world or topic. These landing pages are flyers that allow others to see what you do or what you think, and look at the information through your eyes – hence the word lens.

Setting up your own lens is simplicity itself – just follow the lens-creation wizard. There’s no right or wrong way: all that’s important is that you get across whatever message or offer it is that you want to publicise. You may want to let people know about a blog that’s on your website or a new product you’ve recently designed and manufactured. You don’t have to limit yourself to just the one either: you can have as many as you would like.

The important thing to remember is that the longer you put off creating your lens, the longer it will take for the rest of the online community to get to know about you.

Rather than just building a website, try building a lens to help your website. It will help to drive more traffic to your own website by linking and will certainly help your business get noticed more quickly. Lenses have huge credibility with search engines, so the more popular your lens, the higher your search engine ranking will be.

Squidoo is free and now has in excess of 1million people visiting its pages. It works on the simple principle that the company puts suitable advertisements on your lens page using modules and then offers you the ability to recommend products you can sell through affiliated programmes like Amazon, eBay and CafePress. Any revenue that Squidoo receives is split quite simply: it keeps 50% to cover all the administrative costs: the remaining 50% goes to the lens owner to spend or donate as he or she sees fit. You can of course add your own links to increase the income generation. Although to be honest the true value lies in the links that can be made and the increased traffic that can be generated, rather than the income earned.

So maybe the time is right to jump aboard the Squidoo bandwagon.

It couldn’t be simpler and might just give your business that timely boost it’s been searching for.

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