Creating Stellar Sales Content for Improved Conversion Rates

Here’s a little-known fact that should be more widely acknowledged – there’s a big difference between great content and content that converts. Of course, all sales-focused content needs to be outstanding in quality, but there are nonetheless important differences between populating a site with good content and making sure the content sells what you’re selling.

So whether you’re looking to re-float a sinking ship or simply take things one step further in a profitable direction

Here’s a few tips on improving conversion rates through content marketing

1 – The Soft Sell

First up, one of the best ways of approaching content marketing for improved conversions is a little like advertising without advertising. The simple fact of the matter here being that consumers are pounded by thousands of hard-sell ads and reams of sales spiel every hour of every day – fall into the trap of producing the same and they’ll be inclined to ignore you. Use your knowledge, expertise and the quality of what you have to say to sell your products/services without the hard sell.

2 – Balance Promotion with Education

It’s not enough to simply show the products you’re selling or tell the punters how great they are. Instead, you need to give them every reason to believe that they need these products in their lives, which often means showing them the way. For example, if you are selling dresses, then you could produce regular blog posts or articles on ‘How to Pick the Right Dress for XXX Occasion” which may include links to the dresses you sell. Instead of just asking them to buy something, show them how and why they might need it in their lives.

3 – Use Heatmap Analysis

A heatmap tool allows you to see not only which of your pages get the most attention, but also where the most click-action occurs and which elements of which pages are the most popular with your readers. By using such tools, you can effectively create a flawlessly accurate plan of action whereby you capitalise on the type of content you know to be working for you and get rid of anything superfluous.

4 – Vary Content Types

It’s no secret that blocks of unbroken text tend to be pretty unattractive to most, but at the same time there’s rarely enough variety of content included across most sales-focused websites. These days, variety is very much the spice of life which means that things like memes, infographics, videos, blog posts, how-to guides and so on can make a huge difference to the appeal and impact of your website. They’re not only good for improving conversions, but also encouraging visitors to come back for more.

5 – Encourage Two-Way Interaction

Last but not least, it’s crucial to make it both possible and downright easy for your readers to engage with both the content itself and you as a brand. Adding even a basic right to reply, comments field or feedback page can make all the difference when it comes to both trust and engagement – people these days just love to have their voices heard. Of course you need to be ready and willing to reply in all instances, but make the effort to do so and your own reputation and profile will take an important step in the right direction.

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