If You Want To Design The Best Looking Website, Then You Should Be Using WordPress, Part 1.

If you run a small business are looking to expand your horizons and take advantage of some of the benefits on online trading, then you’re going to need a website.

Now there is obviously an abundance of website design choice out there for you to pick from: you can use industry-standard software packages like Dreamweaver, or have a bespoke package created by a web designer. Both of these options are viable and effective solutions, however, they do have their own inherent problems: Dreamweaver can be complicated to get to grips and you’ll have to spend some time learning its idiosyncrasies, and bespoke website design doesn’t necessarily come cheap.

However, there is an alternative website design solution.

You can use an intuitive content management software package like WordPress.

With this type of package you’ll be able to get your website up and running in no time at all, and best of all it’s open source, so it won’t cost you anything to set up. Consequently, it’s no surprise that WordPress has become so popular? The question is, is it really the right choice for your business? Well, over the course of the next two articles we’ll have a look at the WordPress content management package and discuss whether it’s the right choice for your business and then discuss what sort of advantages you’re likely to get if you choose to go down this road.

Why choose WordPress?

The major advantage of WordPress is that it can take just minutes to install on your server, but once it’s created you will then have access to countless online free or paid themes. These can help to make your website look professional right from the off, and that can only reflect well on your business. What’s more there are numerous plugins and widgets that you can add to the site over time to make the website more interactive and user-friendly.

Do you have to be an expert to use WordPress?

The good news is you don’t have to be a closet computer geek to make a WordPress website work effectively. Anyone is capable of creating their own site using this software package. The only skills you’ll need are the ability to write and some basic computer skills so that you can add some content to your new website. If you can post on an online forum, then you’ll be able to do this too. Obviously if you employ the services of an experienced website designer, you’re more likely to get an all-singing and all-dancing website straight off, but you won’t necessarily need this straight away. WordPress has a low learning curve: as you grow more confident and learn more about the software, you’ll be able to add new designs and utilise some of the concepts created specifically for WordPress which will help your site to grow and make an even greater impact.

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