The Difference Between Success And Failure.

Search and More Link Building strategies.

The difference between success and failure can depend on effective link building. The art of creating high quality SEO link building or “back links” is a very important. It is time consuming and challenging yet a skill we value to ensure high ranking for the website.

Content, popularity and social markers are to key contributors to high ranking. Popularity is measured in links. Including the right key words and 2-5 word phrases in the content and keywords in the URL are vital in all SEO strategies so that search engine spiders (crawlers, robots) can pick up the relevant contents off the web and place them on the search engine pages in rank order.

Where to we start…

For link building we will start by using “web directory” submissions. In addition to the Open Directory of Google and Yahoo Directory, there are a number of industry-specific directories. We ensure that a full company profile is shared in regular meetings to make sure directory submissions are industry related where possible.

Search and Mores On-Going Link Building Strategies.

Depending on your ageed Business partnership package we will post blog/article at least once weekly. We then ensure all new blog posts to all social media networks for maximum exposure and backlink possibility.

We Focus on using powerful exciting titles ‘You will never believe how this man lost 100 pounds!’ are generally better at building links than boring, generic titles.

Building relationships with other bloggers in the subject specific niche by reading and commenting on their blogs or social networks is key to developing links. This will help will traffic referrals and by making your name more relevant in your community.

Search and More recognise the best way to build backlinks to your site is by producing valuable content. The more a reader likes the content, the more likely they are to link to it, share it, and refer traffic to it.

All the above are ways we start building your link profile, but the main focus should be on creating something worthwhile by adding comments that are relevant and useful to draw visitors to the link.

Thinking about what our customers want and then providing exactly that is what we believe in!

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“The Cinnamon Agency has worked with Search and More for a number of years on web development and internet marketing strategies for a number of our major clients. They have delivered exemplary bespoke projects on every occasion. I would definitely recommend Search and More and will continue to use their services.”

Neil Odell – The Cinnamon Agency

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