You Don’t Have To Prod And ‘Poke’ Influencers To Get Attention On Social Media Platforms.

Do you remember the days of ‘poking’ on Facebook?

Did you ever try using the feature to draw attention to yourself or your business? The chances are you probably gave it a try on at least one occasion. In all likelihood it probably didn’t get you very far. Fortunately the days of ‘poking’ on social networks are no longer fashionable, but the difficulties of publicising and marketing a business on social media platforms still remain.

So just how can businesses bring themselves to the attention of other users, particularly to those businesses that hold sway in the marketplace?

How can smaller businesses get noticed? Well, if you’ve got the brass neck you can always try ‘poking’ the influencers on Google+. Such a strategy will undoubtedly get you noticed, but it’s hardly subtle. But fear not: there are other, less obvious ways of getting attention on social networks. Here are a few handy tips that just might help you get the publicity you crave.

  • Tag the ‘influencers’ in a post.

Whenever you share information from an industry leader’s blog, or come across some new fact that you think might interest them, make sure you tag them. It’s quick and it’s painless, and if done regularly enough can really make a difference to your online visibility.

  • Comment on their posts.

Why is this an effective strategy for getting noticed? Well, simply because it’s shows you’re interested enough to go to the trouble of making comments. It might not be as easy or straightforward as tagging, and takes a little more effort, but it’s a strategy that can pay dividends. It’s particularly effective if you can post comments that add value. Don’t just limit yourself to posting comments directly on the influencer’s blog either: try posting comments on posts they’ve left comments on.

  • Add influencers to one of your circles on Google+.

Why does this strategy tend to work? Well, the clue’s in the title really. If you add influencers to one of your circles, Google+ will send them an email and give them the opportunity to add you back. If they do then you get the result you’re after: if they don’t, well, so be it.

  • Tag the influencers in photos.

If you’ve got a photo that’s relevant to the industry influencer then tag them in it. Don’t bother if it isn’t. If you haven’t got any relevant photos then you could try commenting on one of their photographs.

  • Send open invitations to your business events.

Why would that strategy work? Well, they might just turn up to one of your shindigs. It’s worth pointing out, however, that this sort of tactic will only work if the kind of event you’re hosting is relevant and of interest to the influencer.

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