Dropping In Rankings Or Penalised By Google?

What Google looks for has changed, 4-5 years ago a link was a link irrelevant of where it came from.

The more links that were built meant, the more popular you were, and you shot up the rankings.

This has changed.

Google now intends to give its users real and accurate information, with real fresh content. Google is continually improving algorithms, so the best web content is exposed.

These algorithms are designed to pick up on spammy content and spammy links, if you can see yourself slipping down the rankings or disappearing altogether. You may even get penalised, if Google finds an issue with your site.

This isn’t a new subject matter, since December 2000 Google has been changing its ranking algorithms, since then poor quality and content,started to result in penalties. When the penguin was rolled out in 2012, 1 in 10 sites were wiped out totally and this resulted in SEO having to be thought about more carefully, with a focus on content and strategy.

Sometimes you may be informed of a penalty but not always, you may just disappear. Unfortunately, you don’t always get information of what or why the algorithms are released. There are a few deficit reasons as to why you may disappear.

It is not advisable to have a link page on your site with a list of direct links to other sites as they may be seen as manipulative linking. With no relevance or value,in the content of the link. A good link should be something that adds value and relative to your site so linking through blog articles that are relevant adds value.

Some examples of factors that could contribute to you disappearing are:

  • Buying links = manipulating page rankings.
  • Excessive reciprocal links = manipulating page rankings.
  • Duplicate content = penalty.
  • Overuse of H1 tags = attempt to pump keywords.
  • Links from sites in another language (even if they are a legitimate client)= Counts against you, as Google uses location and deems the site you language is in is what users will use.
  • Keyword stuffing = could be deemed as poor content, and penalise.
  • Hidden links = considered suspicious.
  • Broken external links = Google deeming the site as unmanaged therefore poor quality.
  • Website timing or down = google may de-index you if you can’t be found.
  • Meta keywords, no more than 5 per page = manipulation.
  • Over optimisation = penalty

As a company we have spent time reviewing and updating knowledge on successful SEO within the web and what Google want to see. Unfortunately, once you domain has been tarnished, there is no easy fix. It takes time, determination, hard work with an ethical approach to rebuild you site and gain recognition and trust again.

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