E-commerce Security Tips: Protecting What’s Yours.

Barely a day goes by right now without another rather worrying story hitting the headlines of a small or large business being targeted by cyber crooks.

As such, it’s hardly surprising that e-commerce business owners are in many instances living in a state of perpetual fear, wondering if and when it might be them that’s next on the list.

Of course, the likelihood of any one specific online store being the one that gets targeted are pretty low. Millions of stores, a few bad apples, and a somewhat random or opportunistic approach; mercifully most will never face the prospect of being attacked.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean there’s any room for complacency as when and where any e-commerce business does get targeted, the results can be dire.

Here’s a quick introduction to some of the most important yet common sense security tips for e-commerce business owners:


1 – Pick the Perfect Platform.

First and foremost, if the e-commerce platform you choose has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese, you’re setting yourself up for a fall. Some platforms are ultra-secure and others are wide open to attack – it’s therefore a case of doing your homework and not taking anything for granted. With the right platform, much of the subject of security takes care of itself.

2 – Don’t Store Important Information.

The more sensitive data you store with regard to your customers, peers, suppliers or anyone else, the more you stand to lose if you fall foul of an attack. It’s seen as standard by so many businesses to store credit card numbers and comprehensive transaction details, but it’s really not necessary to do so. If you don’t store their credit card numbers, they can’t then get stolen by a hacker – simple!

3 – Credit Card Verification.

In order to avoid being taken for a ride by those that have already stolen credit card details, employ a higher-level security system whereby credit card transactions must be verified with the provision of additional details. There are so many businesses still in operation that ask for nothing more than a CC number and expiry date and then they wonder why they end up being the targets of fraudsters.

4 – Ultra-Strong Passwords.

At some point or another, passwords are going to be all that stands between any given person and the kind of access they really should not be granted. As such, the weaker your passwords are, the more likely you are to fall foul of a problem. When it comes to passwords for important purposes, there’s no such thing as too long, too complex, or too bizarre!

5 – Suspicious Activity Alarms.

Last but not least, one of the best things you can do for total peace of mind is to set up a system whereby anything out of the ordinary that happens night or day triggers an alarm or alert that lets you know. From those trying to gain access out of hours to multiple failed password entries to access attempts from other geographical regions, set up these alerts and anything dodgy that happens need never pass you by again.

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