Email marketing is not dead – if you aren’t making use of it, you’re missing out

Every year, the same statement is made – email is dead, no one reads emails anymore, and customers are using new, emerging technologies and social media to talk to their friends and consume information.

To some extent, there’s truth in this. Yes, people do use other platforms than email to talk to friends – Snapchat, Whatsapp being just two. But email is still a standard form of communication and is likely to stay that way. Especially in business. How many people reading this blog will have checked their email today, several times already?

Email is still relevant

It is true that open rates are not at 80% like they were twenty years ago in 1997. Years of email marketing have made customers more cautious. People are more hesitant to jump in and give up their email address. Twenty years ago, it was different, people would sign up without thinking twice. It’s similar to what happened with brands in the early Facebook days. People liked everything and anything and then allowed brands to send them adverts.

We don’t do that anymore. We are all much more careful with the like button and email sign up. But despite this, email marketing is still a strong platform to talk to customers and to acquire customers, if you follow the same rules as you apply to all content. Most important of all being, is it quality? Are you sending people something that is useful, or are you just adding to their daily noise and junk?

Deliver value

People do read email, but they only read if it’s of value to them.

The key to getting email marketing right is to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

Email is all about delivering on promises. Setting up that promise is a huge part of email marketing. If you promise amazing, exclusive content and you deliver, you’ll keep intrigue high and customers engaged.

If you promise much, but then deliver endless sales messages, you might not keep your list clean for long.

What are you sending to your customers?

Knowing what to send is key to keeping your list engaged. Simply put, it depends on who you are selling to, and what your value proposition is.

Sending money off vouchers, if you are in a B2B marketplace with a complex buying process, probably isn’t the right approach. But sending them valuable content that helps them solve a problem and showcases your expertise, might just be the way to engage them.

Likewise, if you are selling sofas, blogs about cushion to seating ratios might not be as valuable to your clients as a good old fashioned money off voucher!

The key to using email marketing for small business effectively is to know your customers and understand what they are looking to solve. What are their pains? How can you address them and engage them, so that they pick up the phone, download the voucher, or click through to your valuable content?

Send the right content to the right person

One of the great benefits of email, as opposed to other marketing channels, is that you can send your message directly to the right person. Unlike social media, or web content, which is tossed out like seed in the wind, email marketing is targeted directly to someone’s inbox. If you know your list, and you know how your customers buy from you and what pains you solve, you can send a message that you know resonates with them.

On top of that, if you use the right tool, you can see who opened your email, when they opened it, and any action they took, such as clicking on one of your links or downloading your content.

This is possibly one of the most valuable marketing tools at your disposal!

Email is here to stay!

Email isn’t going anywhere. It’s a viable channel and it’s still valuable because it’s one of the best channels. You can send an email directly to the person you want to send it to, send something you know they will like, and see direct results.

It may become less valuable in the next twenty years, but that isn’t to say it isn’t still valuable and something that you should be adding to your marketing mix.

At Search and More we help our clients to market themselves effectively through email marketing campaigns and Stockport SEO. We specialise in offering excellent quality content constructed by experienced industry professionals with specific expertise in writing copy for, e-marketing campaign.

By delivering quality content for you we can drive customer engagement. Giving your direct results and more customers to add to your bottom line.

Email marketing continues to be one of the top-performing tactics in marketers technology stacks if it’s relevant, valuable and targeted.

Talk to us at Search and More about how you can better utilise email in your marketing efforts.

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