Email Marketing Predictions for the New Decade

It’s common to hear the world’s leading marketing gurus throwing out all manner of predictions as to what to expect over the coming year, or perhaps the 12 months to follow. Nevertheless, true proactivity and vision means being able to preempt and predict what’s likely to come much further down the line.

So considering the fact that the current decade is flying by at the most incredible pace, exactly what kinds of e-mail marketing trends are we likely to see taking over as of 2020?

1 – An Era of Massive Personalisation

First and foremost, extraordinary personalisation and dynamic content in general are expected to be two of the biggest and most important themes go into the next decade. Having already entered an era in which analytics and data mining are becoming integral parts of most marketing strategies, machine learning will undoubtedly play a role of growing significance in e-mail marketing. Roughly translated, the “internet of me” era will result in more content and marketing messages than ever before being supremely targeted to the needs, actions, behaviours and specifics of the individual in question. And of course, most such efforts will be automated.

2 – Interactivity

While marketing emails have always been used as critically important landing page gateways, interactivity is likely to step up enormously as of 2020. Marketing emails will of course still actively point recipients in the direction of landing pages, but there will also be a much greater contingency of embedded videos, rollover images, email carousels and more. It will basically be a case of being able to get a great deal more done without necessarily having to click through to the landing page.

3 – Voice Interface

The explosive growth in the popularity of wearable devices is slowly but surely leading to an era where voice control and voice interfaces are becoming the new norm for millions of web users. Screens have been getting smaller and more portable all the time, to such a point where so many users interact with the web without using any screens at all. Voice interaction has already become a very big deal with things like web search, social media and general hands free media consumption. As far as a great many experts are concerned, it’s only a matter of time before the same begins to affect the way the world interacts with e-mail.

4 – Spam Policies

It’s also likely expected that most major western nations will step up the fight against spam in more ways than one. Not only is it expected that public privacy laws and business conduct regulations in general will become stricter than ever before when it comes to doling out spam, but the world’s leading e-mail service providers will make it more difficult than ever before for anything even remotely resembling spam to filter through. This in turn means that it will be more important than ever before to carefully and comprehensively consider each and every element of every marketing e-mail engineered, in order to avoid crossing the line into newly-defined spam territory.

5 – Social Media Integration

Last but not least, it may sound like a rather outlandish prospect, but there are many experts that see a time in the very near future where email networks will offer full social media integration. There was a time when email service providers would only let you send and receive emails from and to other customers from the same provider. This would mean that if you had a CompuServe account, you could only communicate with other CompuServe users. This of course seems completely ridiculous by today’s standards, which is exactly why it is essential to foresee a future wherein social media messaging becomes seamlessly integrated with primary e-mail services. Suffice to say, the idea of a single central hub from which all social, private and business communications alike could be handled is appealing to say the least.

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