Essential Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses.

The fact that there were over a billion smartphones on a global basis with Internet access as of 2014 should to some extent get across the importance of mobile web marketing in 2015.

Mobile search and conversion-rates in general are quickly overtaking conventional desktops and are only set to continue as such.

Of course, from a small business point of view it can often feel as if there are bigger fish to fry than mobile marketing, sadly this really isn’t the case. Now’s the time to both catch up with the competition and ideally get ahead of the curve.

So what kinds of steps should the average small business be making in a mobile marketing sense?

1 – Assess Mobile Readiness.

Well, before even thinking about pushing your site on the mobile crowd, you need to first make sure it’s capable of coping. It’s all well and good to divert huge chunks of traffic to your mobile site, but if said site delivers a poor performance via mobile, it’s your reputation that’s on the line. Be realistic and see how mobile-ready you are – something that means so much more than simply choosing a responsive WordPress theme!

2 – Resist the Urge to Spam.

These days, the only thing that’s becoming more annoying than an email account bombarded with spam on a daily basis is a mobile device that is pinging and ringing every 30 seconds as another spam promo message lands. It’s really tempting to make full use of the fact that they’re connected to their devices 24/7, but push it with spam and they’ll end up despising you in no time.

3 – Think Small, Think Local.

Knowing there are billions of mobile devices in use all over the world, chances are you’ll want to use the power of mobile to reach out to as many as possible. Bad idea, if for no other reason that this is the same approach millions of your rivals will be adopting. Instead, think marketing your smaller business on a smaller, more local scale where those within a much smaller geographical area are your key focus. Less competition = more chance of succeeding.

4 – Seasonal Peaks.

If you’re planning a big promo push of any kind for mobile device users, bear in mind that there are certain peak times of year when mobile web access peaks. Around Christmas, New Year, Easter and the annual seasonal sales that see prices plummet and purchase rates skyrocket, there’s no better time to reach out to mobile crowds and secure sales/interest.

5 – Think Long Term.

Last but not least, the fact that mobile really isn’t going anywhere but up by way of its importance over the coming years should tell you paying the subject a passing nod or glance right now is not the way to go. Successful small business marketing needs to be a long-term strategy that forms part of the brand’s overall marketing push both for today, tomorrow and ten years down the line. It’s not that desktop search is dead – it’s just that its little-brother mobile is coming to maturity and growing bigger, stronger and more powerful by the day!

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