Essential Tips To Increase Online Marketing Conversions

What’s the best way to get the maximum number of visitors to a website and secure the greatest number of conversions? Well, if anybody knew the answer to that they’d be made for life, make no mistake about it. There are no easy solutions to the problem. Converting online marketing hits into sales is the nub of the problem. Countless people have suggested that they know the answer to the problem, yet the truth is nobody’s nailed it yet. So, here’s a suggestion: rather than putting all your marketing eggs in just the one basket, why not spread them around a little and try a multi-disciplinary approach? Why not try to use most, if not all, of the online marketing tricks of the trade and utilise social, mobile and email marketing as well as the traditional method of search engine optimisation. Will it work? We can’t really answer that I’m afraid, but what we can say is that, if you haven’t tried it, you’ll never know.

Essential tips to increase online marketing conversions

Facebook has over 750 million members, and 50 percent of them log in each day. Twitter has 200 million account holders delivering a minimum 350 billion tweets every day. Chatting, tweeting, texting and conducting business on mobile devices is rapidly becoming the norm as statistical evidence bears out. Email is also very popular and still considered the lifeblood of successful Internet marketing, contradicting the popular belief that it’s dead and buried. Now imagine if your business integrated mobile, email and social media into its overall marketing strategy, rather than just sticking with one or other method. Wouldn’t this result in a much better and efficient way for wholesalers and retailers to get the best results for their online marketing campaigns?

Integrating mobile into a business’ global marketing mix isn’t anything like as complicated as some people might tell you. There are lots of tools out there that can make this integration relatively simple. Don’t forget that a company’s mobile site does have to be the all-singing-all-dancing version you might see on the main website. Mobile websites need to be simpler and easy to use if they’re to be of any use. Although mobiles are capable of doing wonderful things these days, they are still hamstrung by the size of their screens and the limitations of download speeds. Therefore it’s best to keep it simple, and website designers can overcome some of the problems by using applications like AJAX which will allow asynchronous access of web data without necessarily requiring full web page reloads.

High-impact, mobile text marketing tools such as SMS, combined with social media and email in a well-integrated, multi-channel campaign, can yield spectacular results.  Consumers are become increasingly channel-selective, using SMS for some campaigns and email or social media for others. Therefore, by offering multiple options, businesses can make the difference and keep customers engaged, rather than losing them to competitors. Giving customers and prospects options for communicating with you is one of the best ways to capture key data, increase message relevancy and boost revenue. Yet many marketers still continue to offer limited options to their customers beyond email.

According to recent research by Silverpop, only one out of four companies surveyed offered Twitter and Facebook options, and only one out of ten provided the opportunity to sign up for an SMS messaging programme or to download a mobile application. When a business offers its customers different channel options like SMS, it opens up a whole new means of communication, and this can only improve the interaction between the business and its customers. All that needs to be born in mind is that although customers are increasingly on the move, they want to be kept informed and made aware of the latest service your company is offering.

The dominant social media channels are still Twitter and Facebook, but don’t neglect the others. YouTube is a close third, due to widespread interest in video. LinkedIn is also an excellent choice for certain types of campaigns. Finally, as Google + develops and gains more users and greater momentum, it will join the list of social networks businesses should consider for integrated social, mobile, email campaigns. The moral is, if you want to maximise your business’ online potential, then leave no marketing stone unturned.

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