Facebook Challenges Google in Local Search

Facebook has updated their app to benefit small local businesses. The changes that have been made have made it easier for potential customers to find and engage with businesses that are local to them. This move is showing itself to be an increasing challenge to Google Local. Over time, the purpose of Facebook is transforming. It is getting ever so close to becoming a useful tool for everyday life as opposed to sharing funny stories and memes. The aim of these changes is to create more competition for Google when thinking about local search.

Redesigning Mobile Pages for Local Search

Facebook has made changes to their mobile pages so that potential customers and local businesses can find each other with ease. These new features give Facebook pages the ability to function as though they were actual web pages. Users now have the ability to book reservations and make appointments through the mobile Facebook page. Facebook has also made it easier for users to receive offers

Facebook Actions

This is what Facebook says to describe the power of the Facebook Actions Feature:

“People will now be able to tap on a simplified and prominently features suite of action buttons to do things like book an appointment for a haircut, order a pizza, send a message or write a recommendation, all on mobile.”

Recommendations Feature more Conspicuous

Facebook is ensuring that the recommendations feature is more conspicuous. This is to help businesses to develop recommendations between users. A “like” on a business’s Facebook page serves limited use. However, having a user click the recommendation button will result in a Facebook post on that member’s timeline. The recommendation button is there to act as a post that is shareable amongst the friends and family of a user.

The recommendation is also shown on the page of the business. Seeing friends and family recommending a business could be an extremely powerful tool to help that business build trust among potential customers. This could be one of the most formidable aspects of a Facebook Local page.

Events Feature Expansion

The Facebook Events feature is a way for businesses to create an event and have it presented to Facebook users who are relevant and are more likely to show interest. According to Facebook, this feature will give businesses a huge boost in ticket sales. Those who express interest in a local event will, in turn, be making it visible to their friends and family. This is a wonderful feature for those who wish to create a digital ripple effect. Nothing more needs to be done than have users indicate their interest in an event.

Applying for Jobs

Facebook is now making their job application tool available worldwide. This feature has been designed to help users find jobs, making Facebook competitive with Google Jobs, Indeed, and many other online job application services.

Facebook Local

As well as Facebook’s standalone local app, they have implemented a local section to their Facebook app. Doing so will allow users of the Facebook app to find out about local businesses and events without the need of an additional app. This Facebook update for their mobile app is the most direct approach to challenge Google’s local search features. It could be represented as Google’s biggest competition. What’s more, it demonstrates another way in which sharp and savvy local businesses can become one step ahead of the competition.

Will your SEO be Affected?

We do not believe that Facebook local search will have such a large impact on whether customers will find you. It does, however, mean that you could look towards a wider range of platforms to promote your business. We believe that although SEO and social media are essentially in competition with one another, they can work hand in hand when dealt with in the correct manner.

Search and More are Here to Help

Having a creative digital marketing agency there to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes is an ideal way to keep your company ahead of the game. Search and More are proud to offer a service where you can rest in the knowledge that all of this is taken care of. To learn more about our services, get in touch to speak to a member of our team for digital marketing in Stockport.

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