Five Reasons Your Website is Barely Making a Penny

There’s very little in the business world that’s quite as frustrating as having a shiny-new website up and running that for some reason is more of a financial drain than a cash cow. Nevertheless, this tends to be the reality the vast majority of site owners will face at least once in their careers as with hundreds of millions of sites doing the rounds, it’s inevitable that the vast majority will not in fact make any money.

Now, when you realise this is the case and that you’re basically trying to re-float a sinking ship, getting to the bottom of why it’s sinking is of course the most important thing. And while the exact reasons may differ in accordance with the type of site and the reason it was put into action in the first place, more often than not the problem can be attributed to one or more of the following:

Common problems with a business website


You Haven’t Set Goals

First and foremost, if you haven’t established goals, targets and a general overall ambition for your website, how can you possibly hope to reach and surpass them? Of course you cannot, which is in many cases where the problem lies. When setting out, you need to set goals in place that are not only measurable and reachable, but pave the way for in-depth analysis along the way. Without all such boxes ticked, you’re rolling the dice…in the dark…while wearing a blindfold.

Your Content is Letting You Down

The old ‘content is king’ cliché may be almost painful to utter these days, but if your site’s content is anything less than stellar, how can you expect anyone to take you seriously? Of course the answer is you cannot as if you site doesn’t win them over 110%, they’ll just hop next door to a site that does. No matter what you’re trying to do and who you’re trying to do it for, the days of getting away with anything less than spectacular content are over…at least if you want to make money.

Nobody Can Find It

Here’s a question – how can your site be expected to make money if nobody can find the damn thing in the first place? Gaining exposure and reeling in the traffic can be tough asks to say the least, but are at the same time as important as it gets. From SEO to paid advertising to pounding the pavements with flyers, anything it takes to help them find you is a worthy cause and a worthy investment.

Conversion Complexity

The more difficult you make it for your site’s visitors to convert, the less likely they are to convert. There’s really no two ways about it with this one as if you want them to buy what it is you’re selling, you need to make it as quick and easy as possible for them to do so. You know the concept of impulse buying without overthinking things? It’s something you should be taking full advantage of…exploiting even!

You Have No USP

Last but not least, have you ever considered that it could all come down to the fact that you have no unique selling point? In order to succeed and make money, you need to do or offer something that’s better, different, more unique, more helpful or in some way more appealing than anyone else. If you don’t, you’ll join the realms of a million other sites flogging the same dead horse…one that isn’t going to start paying out the big-bucks anytime soon.

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