Five Upcoming Technologies That Will Revolutionise Digital Marketing

Consumer technology is of course the single biggest factor when it comes to determining the way businesses approach digital marketing. Which really just makes sense, given the way in which it is the devices and general lifestyle technology used by consumers that allow marketers to do what they do. Over the coming years, an array of new technologies are expected to step in and well and truly transform the way we look at digital marketing. They may be in relatively remedial stages right now, but given the way in which they have made such incredible progress over the past couple of years, they’ve pretty much carved out their respective futures in our lives.

So if you’d wondered exactly which kinds of technologies will soon be changing the face of digital marketing forever, here’s a brief roundup of 5 examples:

1. Augmented Reality

While it may have been around for a number of years now, augmented reality is really just beginning to find its feet. In fact, it was really only with the release of Pokémon Go that much of the world began to both explore and understand what AR is all about. Now, when you consider the games, apps and general lifestyle tools AR could play a significant part in enhancing, you realise that it really is going to be quite enormous going forward.

2. Virtual Reality

The same also goes for virtual reality, though in this instance what we’re actually looking at is something that has been around for several decades. What makes right now such an exciting time for virtual reality from both a consumer’s and marketer’s perspective is the way in which for the first time, it has become affordable for the mainstream. Devices like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are selling in massive numbers the world over – despite only being the first-generation outings of the extraordinary devices to come.

3. AI Assistants

If you have used Siri or Cortana at any point over the last couple of years, you will probably have found them to be interesting and impressive, yet at the same time anything but indispensable. Fast forward a few years down the line from now and chances are it will be the exact opposite way around. In the future, AI assistants will be seen as the only indispensable standard when it comes to communicating with a wide variety of technologies.

4. Data Visualisation

There’s also no doubt whatsoever that data visualisation will play a huge and critical role in the life of every digital marketer soon enough. The reason being that while we may have ridiculous amount of consumer data to play with already, simply having it alone doesn’t mean being able to come up with any meaningful insights. In order for it to be of practical use, it needs to be automatically simplified, organised and presented in a manner that tells us exactly what we need to know in an instant.

5. Marketing Automation

Last but not least, while it’s not likely that human marketing agents are rendered obsolete in the near future, it is nonetheless true to say that more and more of the digital marketing process will be automated going forwards. We’re already getting to a point where computers are almost able to come up with social media or blog posts and have them sound at least modestly as if they were written by a human being. To rely on marketing automation entirely may never be a good idea, but it is certainly something that will continue making the process easier for hardworking marketers in the years to come.

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