Focusing on your Audience to create a Content Strategy for Conversions

Content is essential for search engine discovery and page ranking. However, this means nothing if you receive no conversions. Before putting a content marketing campaign together, you must ensure you understand who your converting customers actually are.

How to create a Content Strategy for Conversions

You need to look at your analytics to determine what content brought in your existing customers. This will help you create a formula for your next wave of customers. You should also segment your audience by value.

Many companies waste too much time on traffic and not enough on conversions. But conversions are what all businesses need! This could be any of the following:

  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Product or service purchase
  • Asset download
  • Another form of customer acquisition

Making changes in the way you analyse your data can do wonders for your insights!

Page Views

It’s not just about getting people on your page, it’s about what they do when they get there. Check to see if they do any of these:

  • Sign up to your newsletter
  • Buy something
  • Request a demo or sample
  • Click on an ad

If they’re simply hitting the page and then leave, you need to make some changes that will make them stick around.

Rethinking your Content Strategy

Quality is the key to valuable conversions. However, it’s easy to push out content without considering its true value for both you and your customers. There are many ways to boost traffic, but unless you’re effectively monetising those clicks, it’s almost a waste of time. Before you create more content, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it truly benefit my audience?
  • Will it positively impact my ROI?
  • Does it address current and relative issues?
  • Are there more effective ways to get the same result?

These questions will help keep you and your team focused on the goal. Remember that the audience comes first, the search engine algorithm should come second. There is no point in having high traffic if you don’t receive any conversions.

Content Framework

The next step is to create a content strategy framework. This helps to keep your content on the ball and consistent.

Define your Topics

You need to define your core topics by the information you received in your analytics, as well as what you already know about your customers. This could come from such sources as:

  • Site traffic and analytics
  • Ad campaign data
  • Your CRM
  • Engagement on social media

If you cannot use first-party data, you can use keyword and topic research to find third-party data.

Classify Categories

These categories will help to determine the type of content you will create for your campaigns. This will look different for each business, but it will help with the following:

  • Staying Consistent
  • Giving structure to your content strategies

Evergreen Content

You should also consider evergreen content. This can be used by most businesses and is extremely valuable. It can be updated as and when you need, and its relevance isn’t bound by digital trends. The overall goal is to create a resource to drive customers and brand loyalty.

Maintain an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar keeps you focused on the goal and helps you create a pattern in your content creation. There are endless ways to go about doing this, whether it be a spreadsheet or another document of sorts. However, it all comes down to what works for you and your team.

Multi-purpose Content

Finally, you need to cement authority around a given topic. This can be done by creating a content initiative to spread across multiple channels. You needn’t create new content each week as long as you can leverage as many channels as you can. For example, your editorial calendar could focus on one topic per quarter to spread out the content.


  • Focus on the conversions, not the traffic
  • Reduce the quantity and improve the quality of your content
  • Have a framework, process and be consistent in what you share
  • Hire professionals if need be

Talk to Search and More

If you would prefer to have an experienced team to provide the best content for your business, then look no further. Get in touch with Search and More to see how we can create content around your brand.

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