Four Ways the Internet of Things Will Transform Digital Marketing

There’s such an enormous array of new technological developments coming our way in the not too distant future that some are comparing the upcoming revolution to that of the rise of the Internet. In reality, this may be taking things a little too far, but there will certainly be a number of changes to the way we look at things and do things. One of the biggest technological revolutions on the horizon is that of the Internet of things. Despite the fact that the consumer public in general has so far proved somewhat reluctant to take up IoT gadgets and appliances, it is largely seen by those in the know as an inevitability.  It may not happen tomorrow, but the IoT will eventually take over our lives.

And when it does, you can expect the world of online marketing to be transformed both permanently and like never before. But in terms of specifics, what exactly can we expect when the IoT makes its move and transforms the way we approach digital marketing?

1. Conversational queries will dominate search

Well, first of all there is the way in which conversational queries will take over from the kinds of keyword-based searching that represents the usual standard today. Already, the way in which we interact with the Internet and technology in general is having a marked impact on our approach to search. Digital assistants in particular are somewhat driving the world in the direction of conversational queries – precisely the kind of technology that will be baked into much of the IoT. We’ve really only just begun scratching the surface, but sooner or later conversational queries will become the global standard and what we consider to be ‘conventional’ search will be almost entirely outdated.

2. SERPs may vanish entirely

While it may sound like a far off or even impossible concept right now, chances are the standard SERP as we know it today may disappear entirely. The reason being that as we begin to interact with the internet more directly, conversationally and constantly, it’s entirely likely that we will see a time when and where lists of potential answers/websites are no longer needed Instead, absolutely anything you need will be returned to you directly with the most appropriate result delivered by the search tool of your choosing.  And if it isn’t satisfactory, a simple prompt will bring you an alternative in an instant.

3. Google may not be God

While it’s largely accepted that Google will continue to hold its position right at the top of the rankings when it comes to business optimisation, the IoT opens up an incredible array of opportunities for others. The reason being that the Internet of things will allow people to find information, products, videos and so on in an extraordinary variety of new ways – none of which will rely upon the usual SERPs and search function we know today. Again, we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s to come.

4. Personalisation will be big

Last but not least, the way in which cookies and location services are used right now to personalise the web experience for users will be considered ridiculously remedial by future IoT standards. By integrating advanced systems in pretty much every facet of an individual’s life, it will be possible and indeed normal for things like shopping habits, driving styles and pretty much the way we live our lives in general to be tracked, recorded and used to personalisation. An idea that seems creepy today, but one that is largely guaranteed to represent the new standard sooner or later.

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