Geo-Targeting: Smarter Customer Targeting For Small Businesses.

Internet marketing is an ever-evolving process. Anyone who tells you differently is, at best, being disingenuous.

Internet marketing has changed significantly over the years and there is little evidence to suggest that this progression will slow down. The fundamental task of any marketer is to identify these changes and make sure that they incorporate them to benefit their businesses. Keywords were once the primary focus of marketers.

However, whilst they are still important and can still play a crucial role in SEO, they are no longer quite the force they once were.

What has changed online marketing is the explosion of mobile marketing through smartphone and tablet devices. Geo-marketing or geo-targeting through mobiles is the new growth area for small businesses, and that is the area business owners should be focusing their attentions on.

Location, location, location.

Why is geo-marketing important? Well, because of location. One of the great advantages of mobile advertising is location. Your phone can pinpoint where you are at a given moment in time, and this enables advertisers to deliver targeted advertisements that are relevant to your physical location. It’s this ability to be able to target consumers with real time ads that are not only contextually relevant to what they are looking at on a mobile site or app, but also relevant to where they are, which increases the relevancy of messaging for advertisers and provides publishers with a hook to drive direct response.

The benefits of geo-marketing for the customer.

Customers naturally would prefer it if everything was customised to their needs.  Online businesses are increasingly beginning to realise this and obviously want to provide their customers with the most unique experience. No two search experiences will be alike, search results will be specifically based on customer location, previous search history, and preferences. Having a better experience will inevitably lead to better sales. Those companies which take advantage of geo-targeting will invariably see a significant boost in both revenue and exposure.

The benefits of geo-targeting for advertisers.

Geo-targeted campaigns offer a number of benefits to advertisers. The first is self-evident. They will enable brands to reach a location-specific audience in a particular region or city, but they will also be able to target audiences with greater precision, and reduce waste and unnecessary advertising expenditure.  By focusing a campaign on the parts of a population for whom it’s most relevant, an advertiser can increase the likelihood of consumers click on their advertisement, which ultimately drives up return on investment. What’s more advertisers can monitor in real time how specific locations are performing in terms of delivering clicks and impressions, and will be able to adjust the campaign accordingly to optimise budgets on the best-performing locations.

If you are a small business you should be on as many location-based applications as possible. You never know where your next customer will come from, but you’ll want to ensure that they will find you no matter what search method they use. Being visible and being active are what will set you apart from your competition.

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