Get A 13% Increase In Content Marketing Efforts, Today.

You may have a stunning website. Easy on the eyes, colours picked, navigation is superb, but you are definitely losing money.


How? By making some elementary mistakes. Whether you create your content yourself or you have a team to do that, you are losing time and/or money with these ‘tiny’ blunders. They may seem small, old-hat or even wrong, but these optimization tips have been proven to increase CTR by over 20%.

The following are five key aspects of optimising your blog posts for better conversions. Whether you need more subscribers, more sales or more ‘ambassadors’ for your brand, tweaking your existing content can go a long way without an added expense.

‘Eye-jack’ with attractive titles and descriptions.

Now, you have clawed your way to the top three spots in the search engine results. Good job; but you still have to attract clicks to your site. Studies show that people glance at the top seven results and only pay attention to the first 2 words of each title.

How does this affect you? You may be losing clicks just because the user doesn’t feel you are providing the info they need, even if you are number 1.

When crafting your blog post titles, keep these features in mind :

  • must have a keyword in there
  • must be emotional and connect with the audience and their query;
  • must be concise, because Google only shows the first 65 characters.

LASER Focus!

So you got the click and the prospect is on the target page. How do you keep them reading through your content and not clicking off after five seconds. This is where planning comes into play.

First, your article should address one topic, or even one narrow section of the topic. Now, pick relevant but targeted keywords or phrases to write around. Next, think of one person that the topic affects deeply. Write content that will ‘speak’ to this one person. Get really chummy and conversational; use words like “you” instead of “we”.

Whatever format you choose, long form explanatory or short form list of actionable tips, Make sure you are focused and on-topic.

Keep your Promise

You promised something in the title of your article. A tip, an idea, a plan; be sure to deliver just that. If you have targeted the keywords and the persona as stated above, you will have no problem coming up with the detailed answer to the queries they have.

While it is true that there is little ‘new’ stuff out there, as an individual or company, you have a unique angle or industry knowledge. Use it to inform your readers, be sure to entertain them too.

Nobody likes to be bored to death. You should also refrain from giving them migraines by not using industry terms to describe things. Ditch the industry lingo and break down concepts, using everyday words.

Ask for the Click

In the end, it is all about your ROI. Your content marketing efforts should correlate with profit margins. Who cares if you have 1million visits to a post and only 1 person takes the required action. How many people read to the end and make a purchase.? Did you even ask them to do anything?

Add a Call-To-Action at the end of every post. Be specific on what you really want people to do next. Make sure you track the conversions, so you know what language your visitors respond to.

Show them who is “Boss”

Or at least an authority. OK, maybe just a really knowledgeable person. Use Google+ and its attendant Authority Markup feature to show the human side of your business. One weird effect is that users report a reduced bounce rate; it’s as if people innately trust your site more, because they can associate a face to your content.

The use of G+ can make a big difference in CTR, up to 30%, in some cases. Please don’t use the webcam picture of you, bleary eyed and fresh out of bed. Get a professional, non offensive photo taken. Play around with different backgrounds and styles of photo. Track everything and watch the improvement in your CTR.

These tips, if applied, will improve your CTR on your blogs. The question is, will you apply them? You see, most of this is what you already know, but many of you don’t use any of the tips. Too scared? Still confused?

Let SearchandMore help you create industry relevant press releases, blog posts, white papers etc. Our content is well optimized for human click throughs and ranking in the search engines. Contact us today.

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