How could Google Shopping raise the bar for your ecommerce business?

Over the years, Google Shopping has had many names – from Froogle to Google Products. Now, Google Shopping has evolved to provide more sophisticated and swifter search results for users looking to purchase a specific item – and this has major implications for eCommerce vendors. In this article we delve into the topic of Google Shopping, sharing insights and information to help you consider implementing it as part of your online marketing strategy.

What is Google Shopping?

Powered by Google, Google Shopping is essentially an extension of the search engine, offering a platform to house product feeds that select item uploaded by merchants. This enables eCommerce companies to complement paid ads and organic rankings with images and prices in the traditional format to entice buyers, alongside other similar results. To appear in Google Shopping, you first need a Google Merchant account and fully optimised product pages and data feeds to allow the smooth collection of information and relevant, consistent rankings. Google Shopping is a paid service, so you’ll also need to set a budget for it alongside any other internet marketing such as PPC or display advertising.

Why is Google Shopping so powerful?

Because Google Shopping is integrated directly into the regular search, results displayed there earn greater trust and recognition compared with regular sponsored ads – even though a large proportion of consumers are aware that their presence is paid for. For those who do know, there are many who don’t – and Google’s authority is enough to establish a connection and instigate a click-through from a searcher that trusts the source so implicitly.

How can I use Google Shopping to my advantage?

Visibility and authority are the two key benefits of Google Shopping. You’re selling cheap lawnmowers and have optimised your products and pages to appear in relevant searches. When users look up this item via Google, they’re met with eCommerce-style images and product information right at the top of their screen amidst rankings. Straight away they have an idea of specification and price – and it’s easy to click through and decide to buy. Authority also naturally increases as more relevant traffic feeds through to your site and product pages – therefore letting Google know that you should also rank organically online for the products you provide.

Will Google Shopping positively impact on SEO?

Just as PPC naturally influences SEO, a presence on Google Shopping should positively affect your rankings. However, it shouldn’t be leaned upon as a principle part of your SEO strategy. This is still paid to advertise after all – so it needs to be treated separately and any results gained from it should be learned in order to perfect and hone technique and approach.

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