What is Google’s Digital Garage – and why should you attend?

A few months ago we covered Google Digital Garage as the search engine giant launched its online range of courses for businesses owners looking to learn more about internet marketing. Now they’ve taken their hugely successful online tutoring a step further – opening a centre in King Street at the heart of the city’s shopping district to introduce the power of digital marketing to more Manchester businesses. Here we share three reasons to take advantage – even if you don’t plan on taking care of online promotion yourself.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power when it comes to the ever-evolving world of online marketing – which can feel overwhelming and confusing to navigate without support. The truth is, the more you know about SEO and online marketing, the better you can communicate with your team, who are responsible for making it work on your behalf. In turn, understanding increases between you and teams can work cohesively together to achieve better results for your business. This also protects you from making expensive mistakes – on both ends of the spectrum. For example many companies spend thousands on ‘black hat’ ‘get me there quick’ techniques that achieve nothing and put their business at risk of penalisation or blacklisting. Meanwhile, some business owners skip SEO altogether because they feel it is ‘expensive’ – unable to appreciate its value or see the potential return further down the line.

There may be areas you can take on yourself

The umbrella of digital marketing is huge and encompasses a wide variety of disciplines and tasks to be delegated or dealt with independently. For this reason, a clearer view of the tools available to help you promote your business should allow you to decide where you may be able to save money in order to set aside appropriate funds elsewhere. This is savvy budget allocation – saving where you can to enable you to spend more on the aspects you simply can’t execute with success yourself.

Get your staff involved and invested

Why not send trusted staff or make a trip to one of Google’s training sessions a team-building event? The more staff are involved in the marketing aspects of the business, the more invested they will be. They may also have fantastic ideas that arise through working in your business day in day out – so employee involvement should never be overlooked. You may also be able to then delegate certain tasks to staff members who are happy to take them on board and swap or increase their current workload.

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