Great Content Improves Visibility And Delivers Great R.E.S.U.L.T.S.

Want to improve your rankings on search engines and interact with new audiences?

Want to improve your results? Then your business is going to need great content. Why is this the case? Well, it’s simple really. What Google and other search engines are looking for is high-quality content: content that’s relevant, interesting, unique and easy to read. What’s Search and More’s take on this? Well, our advice is simple – the very best content can be summed up in this simple acronym. It:

  • Resonates with its audience
  • Engages with its readership
  • Satisfies its niche market
  • Understands its audience
  • Listens to what its customers want and interacts with these wishes
  • Tries to offer informative ideas and new perspectives

If you can deliver high-quality content that ticks all of these boxes then your search engine visibility will improve.

How do you create high-quality content?

Well, we’d have to endorse what Google recommends here. Google’s advice is when you’re creating or reviewing content with the aim of improving your site as part of an SEO programme, then you should consider the following factors if you want to be confident of generating high-quality content.

  • Provide information that is unique and genuinely interesting: entertain and inform at the same time.
  • Don’t have duplicated content on different pages saying the same thing using different words
  • Spell and Grammar check everything: poor grammar and bad spelling will definitely lose you brownie points.Try to place an original or personal perspective on the information: give your opinions, not somebody else’s.
  • Present a balanced view of the topic: show both sides of the argument.
  • Create content worth bookmarking: work at it until you get the right sort of balance, and people will come back to your site time and again.
  • Provide specific, in-depth information of value to the readers.
  • Always credit your sources, and don’t pass off other people’s information as your own.

By concentrating your efforts on producing high-quality content, you will produce a high-quality website that performs well in the search engine rankings for your chosen keywords.

This is an evolving approach to search engine optimisation that no longer focuses purely on link building and targeting factors known to be relevant in the search engine algorithms. It is still, however, important to optimise for those known factors, but the focus on high-quality content is the way to organically improve your website and develop your business.

However, before your business puts all its eggs in one basket it’s worth remembering this: search engines view a site as a whole, so poor quality pages may adversely affect the site’s otherwise excellent ranking, and drag its reputation down. This can still be the case even if there are still many individual high-quality pages. Businesses should therefore aim to enhance all of their online pages, but where this isn’t possible they should remove the low quality pages until they get the opportunity to improve them.

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