Guest Blogging: The ‘Times They Are A Changing’ Claims Google.

Effective internet marketing relies heavily on building links- in other words, recommendations of your website or blog on another person’s website.

Why are backlinks considered to be so important in internet marketing? Well, many marketers believe that linking a website to other quality sites will increase web visibility and hopefully improve search engine ranking. Does it work? Well, experience would suggest that it does, but ‘the times they are a changing’. If you believe everything Google says, guest blogging, traditionally regarded as a highly effective way of building links, has had its day.

Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts, suggested in his personal blog a couple of days ago that guest blog posts might not be the best link building tactic anymore.

In fact he went one stage further and claimed that guest blogging was to be positively discouraged. This latest affirmation comes after a year or so of Google downplaying the effectiveness of guest blogging as a link building tactic. Why has Google changed tack? Well Cutts believes that guest blogging is now more akin to spam, and he stated in no uncertain terms that Google would from here on in “take a pretty dim view of” in the coming months.

Cutts also went on to say that any marketer using guest blogging as a way to gaining links in 2014 should “probably stop”. Why the change of emphasis? Well, Cutts believes that guest blog posts are becoming more associated with spam techniques rather than genuine quality content. If anyone was left in any doubt about Google’s view of guest blogging then Cutts final condemnatory words should settle the matter once and for all. He advised anyone using guest blogging as a future link building tactic for SEO purposes to “stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done.”

The response to these latest claims has been mixed.

Many marketers have ventured opinions on the potential benefits and flaws of guest blogging. Some have openly agreed with Google’s analysis and have condemned guest blogging as spam saying the practice makes it much more difficult for people to search for genuine quality content. Others have been less enthusiastic and believe Google is penalising this link building technique without properly understanding what guest blogging is all about.

So what does the future hold for guest blogging? Is it dead in the water after Google’s open condemnation? More importantly, if it has passed its sell by date how can your business still attract inward links? The answer is to speak to an SEO expert. Internet marketing consultants like Search and More will help your business improve its SEO tactics. We understand how to help businesses appeal to and engage with a wider audience. We can provide you with all the information you’ll need about SEO and social media and can help your business build integrated targeted campaigns which engage your websites visitors. If you would like to change your website for the better, speak to Search and More. Call 0161 669 5544 for more information.


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