A Handful of the Week’s Freshest Web Marketing Statistics

It’s been another compelling week in the world of web marketing and we’ve once again found ourselves drowning in a world of statistics. And as always, some examples have proved more insightful and useful than others.

Which is why we’ve sifted through the whole compendium in order to bring to light just a small handful of what we consider to be both the freshest and most relevant statistics of the past week. So regardless of which specific area of marketing you happen to be based in, chances are you’ll find at least one of the following factoids quite revealing:

1 in 3 of all Google Searches Has Local Intent

First of all, we have well and truly reached an era in mobile marketing where ignoring the power of local is a ludicrous concept. The sophistication of modern search engines is making it easier than ever before to carry out a web search for products and services in the immediate vicinity. And that’s exactly what people are doing – rather than using phrases like “Italian restaurants in Cambridge” it is now as easy as entering “Italian restaurants near me”.

The Daily Mail Believes Video Is Where It’s at

And not only do they believe video is where it’s at, but they are doing a pretty good job of proving the point at the same time. Right now, this one UK publisher is posting more than 650 videos every single day, which over the past year has brought about a whopping 560% increase in views. They now chalk no less than 12 million video views every single day, amounting to almost 400 million every month.

74% of People Will Abandon a Mobile Site That Takes More than 5 Seconds to Load

One of the slight downsides of ever-accelerating 4G LTE cellular connectivity is the way in which it is making consumers in general more demanding than ever before when it comes to website performance. Previously, waiting while your mobile phone loads up a web page was the norm. These days, if it takes more than 5 seconds to load up in full, research suggests that three in every four consumers will bail.

Word of Mouth Is the Primary Factor between 20% to 50% of all Purchasing Decisions

You can try and win over your target audience with all the marketing spiel in the world, but it will still never come close to the power of word of mouth.

Even when it comes to bloggers, reviewers and fellow shoppers that they don’t know from Adam, the amount of trust and confidence the average consumer puts in the opinion of others these days is quite spectacular.

Vine Users Are Dropping Like Flies

Research carried out recently by Markerly brought about the stark realisation that Vine users appear to be deserting the platform in droves. Having spoken to almost 10,000 users with at least 15,000 followers each, they found that a full 52% had made the decision to quit and head the way of Snapchat, YouTube and so on.

60% of Adults Now Use their Smartphones to Research Restaurants

Last but not least, the power and influence of sites and services like TripAdvisor are really only just beginning to hit their stride. According to a recent study carried out by RetailMeNot, no less than 60% of adults between the ages of 25 and 34 now routinely and instinctively use their smartphones for research in restaurants before making their final decisions.

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