Hot Ideas for Your Summer Online Marketing

Are you in one of those sectors that sees a dip in business during the summer season? You are not on your own – there are many different types of businesses that experience the summer slump – but it does not have to be that way. Maybe it just comes down to how you have to market yourself to catch attention during this period.

Sure, summer is where everyone pulls out the barbecues, spends more time at the poolside or likes to take in the sun on the beach or sun loungers – and spend very little time looking at their screens if they don’t have to. That means that sales take a dip whilst customers take a break – but there are still ways to keep relevance during the festivities.

What needs to happen is not have your marketing take a break but pick up the slack instead. It’s time to reach new audiences, nurture your existing and throw out some attractive summer-themed offers too good to miss.


Even when the sun is out in force, there are still things happening that you can take advantage of. Let’s take a look at a trusted model.

How many businesses do you see throwing out the ‘Back to School’ sales or ‘Bank Holiday’ sales? Chances are you have seen and taken advantage of hundreds of them – and that is a key thing. You can tailor your business towards specific events going on during the summer period. If you know of a festival happening that is all the rage for the young demographic, then tag onto it and make some posts about it, allowing your business to adopt a specific theme for that time.

People’s attention is certainly caught by something they are looking forward to and you certainly can get in on the attention with some thoughtful marketing towards it.

Tap Into Awareness

The big thing online is when certain awareness days come along – such as Mental Health Day, Friendship Day, and International Joke Day – heck! There is even a National Ice Cream Day!!

Awareness days and causes are something that can be a perfect inspiration and piggyback into a wider conversation that helps create bigger brand recognition. There is never a shortage of National days, some targeted towards social good and others utterly ridiculous – but there is an angle you can work with for each of them through some solid digital marketing.

Not every occasion or day will match your company, but there are still plenty that you can have fun with.

What Do You Have to Offer During the Summer?

Every person who goes online during the summer is looking for a summer offer – so how does your business tap into that? How can your business get in on the summer sale train?

Email marketing can heavily promote your summer sizzler offers, and potentially bring a few of those summer crowds to your website should you hone in on something that catches the attention.

Regardless of what you offer, the summer is a period with a lot of potential for your digital marketing strategy and you don’t have to suffer the summer dip. Contact the team at Search and More for a digital marketing agency Stockport that can put the shine on your summer business through internet marketing Stockport and responsive website design Stockport.

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