How Google Analytics can Improve Content and Social Media

Last week, we discussed the free Google Analytics tool and its main components. Knowing metrics like which pages visitors spend the most time on, their location, language offer valuable insights for business owners. This is the kind of information that can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns for rapid business growth.

However many webmasters install Google Analytics and promptly forget about it. Those that check it, rarely get past the basic traffic graphs on their dashboard. In-depth analysis of the data available can offer detailed information, e.g. did organic traffic increase after a particular type of content was published? Did cross-posting to social media have any effect on number of opt-ins? It’s one thing to know the ‘main’ numbers like number of visitors, but traffic isn’t the most important metric.

Deployed correctly, Google Analytics returns data that allows webmasters and business owners make informed decisions regarding their website. The tool can help in every aspect of marketing e.g. lead generation, content creation, content distribution, improved SEO, social media optimization etc.

To give you an idea of how important Analytics is to your business, here are three ways it can be used to increase your ROI.

Content Creation

The production of relevant, targeted content is a straight forward path to attracting new and returning visitors. But what happens when it seems like you’ve exhausted all your ideas? If you pay attention to certain metrics in your Analytics dashboard, this will soon be a problem of the past.

When you log into your dashboard, the navigation on the left has a tab called Audience. Opening this tab shows you the location, age and demographic data of your audience. Knowing the age of your visitors impacts the content creation process; content created to appeal to a teenager in Spain will differ from that created for a gran in Southall.

The Demographics section also contains an ‘Interests’ tab with data showing what your audience already likes. Creating content around these will also attract visitors to your site. Smart marketers can combine the broad interests with keyword research to uncover ideas for new content.

 Social Media Optimization

How has your four-times-a-day posting schedule on Facebook worked? Are you left feeling like you’re spending too much time on social media with poor results? This happens when you can’t accurately measure the impact of your activities as all social media platforms have notoriously  unreliable reporting.

Integrating your social media presence with Google Analytics allows you see where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site. There are numerous third-party apps that integrate with Google Analytics to offer visitor insights.

Tools like Oktopost and Buffer allow webmasters schedule and publish social media updates. Their robust dashboards can also be used to track custom campaigns, down to individual links.

Visitor Insights

Knowing the source of your traffic is only one part of the puzzle; what do they do when they arrive on your site? Understanding how visitors navigate your site can give insights on what attracts their attention and what makes them click away.

To view this, open the Behaviour report and click Behaviour Flow. In the Landing Pages tab, you can view the the traffic that originated on selected landing pages, the number of users who took the desired step and the number of Drop-Offs. Another important tab is In-Page Analytics, where you can view the visitor metrics for specific pages including the click-through rate. Analytics even allows you colour code the report, shading the most clicked links in red and least clicked in blue.

Behaviour Flow allows you to ‘see’ your site through a visitor’s eyes. Is your website itself hindering the completion of a sale, the filling of an opt-in or a checkout? Are you prone to drop-offs in the middle of a sales funnel? Checking this report regularly can help you track and plug these ‘holes’.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for tweaking and improving marketing campaigns. Knowing how to dig deep and find those nuggets of data can determine whether you make a profit and merely break even with a campaign.

Need a campaign that doesn’t fizzle out halfway through? Don’t know your Drop-Offs from your Model Comparison Tool? Contact Search and More today, our team will  be glad to help.

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