How to Earn High Quality Backlinks: The Four Best Ways.

We all know that we need high quality backlinks to make SEO work and we all know that they sadly do not grow on trees, much as we’d like them to.

Most online business owners will from time to time find themselves facing a bit of a dilemma when it comes to the links they need – to buy or not to buy? A fair question, but outsource SEO to any responsible party and chances are they will tell you that buying backlinks is an expensive business if you want it to be safe, and a highly risky business if you don’t pay top-whack.

This all means that the only way forward is to go about manual link-building practices that are both complicated and time-consuming.

However, what so many fail to realise is that there’s a third option that accompanies buying and building manually – how about earning backlinks and having the hard work done on your behalf?

It really is possible without having to spend a fortune, or put the reputation of your business at risk.

Read the following tips most likely to increase the amount of high quality backlinks to your website:

Blog Commenting.

You should already be taking an active interest in the blogs of others from across your niche or industry, but why not try taking it one step further? Anywhere that allows readers to leave their own comments can be a goldmine for link-building – assuming of course you don’t get carried away and start spamming it. Make sure you have something interesting to say and accompany it with a link to your site. Not only will this work wonders for SEO if the blog is respected enough, but you may also find your message being shared.

Guest Posting.

Two steps further than the above comes the even more valuable practice of guest posting. Getting it right isn’t easy as you need to come up with something that is genuinely of interest to your target audience and likely to be not only assimilated, but also shared. It’s a long and tough process as not only do you need to make sure that every guest post is unique, but there’s also a very good chance that you will be turned down more times than you’re accepted. Get your work and your link on a site of authority though and you’re golden.

Social Networks.

It isn’t easy to get any message to go viral, but it becomes a lot easier if you tap large audiences right at their heart. So, make full use of all appropriate social media platforms to create posts, comment on others and generally spread your good word while accompanying what you’re saying with that all-important back-link.

Earn It.

Last but not least, the bes, though admittedly the hardest, way or earning backlinks is do exactly that – earn them with world-class content people actually want to link to. After all, all the links in the world are of no use at all if your visitors are greeted with absolute garbage the likes of which leaves them adamant not to make the same mistake of visiting you ever again.

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