How to Improve Usability

When we highlight the word ‘Usability’ we are showcasing an often overlooked area of web design, which is the one of the best ways to solve the ‘How to Improve Usability of a Website‘ question.

In most instances, usability should be among the first things on the agenda when commencing with the design of any type of website, from eCommerce to a basic information platform. Usability is a core area of websites and software development.

When your website is eventually launched, enhancements to the live site should be dictated by usability testing to get the most out of your invested time and money spent.

So here are some pointers on how to get the most out of usability of your website that should be high in consideration.

Readability Above All

Readability issues are quite common on starter websites as is the visitor annoyance and abandonment due to it.

Nobody wants to look at a text-heavy page without adequate white spacing and paragraph formatting properly in place. If you have a lot of points, utilise bullet points to break apart information and allow the person viewing to find what they are looking for without losing interest.

As an example;

Our stores offer competitive prices and range second to none, with an unbeatable online service that guarantees money back if not satisfied with our product. Our staff are available through many different avenues of communication to ensure you are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our service offers;
●     Competitive pricing against all other stockists

●     Vast ranges from some of the industries most popular brands

●     Online service and support 24/7

●     Full money-back guarantee on all products

●     Quick and efficient service

Additionally, in regards to your readability, design elements for your website should include banners, sidebars and text boxes to break up the dialogue and not distract those browsing your site.

Contrast, Colour and Texture

You would not expect it to play a factor but background colour plays on the user’s psychology and experience when using your website and can greatly help anyone searching for how to improve the usability of a website.

You may like the colour brown but it may not be the best colour for your audience, so with this in mind, you need to consider what is a welcoming colour for your users to be greeted with. As an example, if you were selling or promoting a service or product that is environmentally friendly, a lighter shade of green or blue would help hammer home the message. Avoid using colours that are glaringly bright, it could be too much for the eyeballs to process.

It’s important to check for a contrast between the background colours and the font colours so that your users don’t find it difficult to differentiate between them.

Ease of Use

With the advent of responsive web design Stockport becoming a must for businesses who are upgrading their online image, retaining your user interest is about keeping them from going next door or in this case, the next website.

So a few items should be considered when improving usability. The chief among them is limiting the amount of scrolling involved with your website. By making things easier for users to find what they are looking for through a few clicks saves them abandoning you when their interest is high.

The days of getting them to fill out lengthy forms or having to scroll through various pages in order to find exactly what they want are definitely passe. Having a website now is having the answers already prepared and not letting the user do the work for you. Anything new within your business such as products or services should be highlighted as soon as they visit, not stashed away at the bottom of a lengthy page.

These are small areas that make big differences in how successful you can be online and how popular you will be with clients and customers moving forward. If you want to know how to improve the usability of a website, get in touch with our team.

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