How to Make Google Your Number One Salesperson

When running a business you are faced with many frustrations where things don’t go to plan. The number one issue with internet marketing efforts is discovering how to rank higher in google search results.

One of the many that you will experience is continued efforts to have your company website climb the search engine ranks yet continue to occupy the double-digit number pages of Google.

It’s a frustration that is very common yet you feel you just cannot get it right and the entire internet is working against you instead of for you. Well, fret no further because we have all been there and all have had to figure out the keys to the Google kingdom.

Let’s take a look at where the problem could lie.

Keywords are Not Doing Their Job

Keywords are like the free overused commodity where every business feels they own the rights to the term.

The truth is they are free to use as they are to say, but finding the right combination of them to highlight your business above others is a trickier case as everyone will be using them. This is where you need to evaluate your current keywords by looking at what the competition is using who are higher up the page count than yourselves.

By compiling a list of advantages your business has that can be implemented via specific keywords you can edge up the rankings instead of relying on the ones that are not driving any traffic to your website currently.

Responsive Web Design

As we all know, responsive web design is what Google prefers over every other type of website, and no doubt you are already on board with your own.

However, could it be that there are problems with the design that could be playing a factor? Even the smallest problem in making it mobile-friendly can cause a problem with your SEO. If your website encounters 404 errors on any page it can cause a negative reaction online, which can either be redirected or removed to save face and trouble.

Flash is used in abundance to make your website attractive, however excessive use of it plays a hand in harmful amounts when it comes to Google rankings. Your bounce rate could be a factor when pop-ups are concerned, as users find themselves deflecting their interest when faced with a barrage of ads not relevant to why they came to your site.

Other aspects could be total neglect towards your heading tags which allow Google to identify your page as a positive consideration towards the search. An absence of internal linking of pages could also play a factor.

Expert Help

If none of the above has been brought up by your web developer as a potential problem then you need to look at an expert for help with how to rank higher in Google search results.

Stockport website design specialists are at the forefront of fixing problematic SEO Stockport. By identifying these problems as a source of concern for your expensive SEO, you should be putting your online efforts into the hands of those who know how to successfully structure a green light for traffic to your website.

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