Hungry for More Marketing Stats? Feast Your Eyes on These

Once again, the time has come to delve into a selection of weird and wonderful internet marketing statistics from the past month or two. Whatever area of business or marketing you may specialise in, we’d like to think there are at least one or two snippets in the following that you might find useful:

Eurovision YouTube popularity on the up

First up, the number of people from all over Europe watching the recent Eurovision Song Contest live on YouTube was higher this year than it has ever been. Despite the fact that the show was broadcast on dozens of free terrestrial and cable TV channels, millions showed their preference to online streaming.

82% of UK consumers don’t know what the filter bubble is

Just for the record, the term ‘filter bubble’ refers to the way in which every single Internet user the world over accesses only a fractional proportion of what’s online, given the way in which all manner of filters and algorithms control what we see. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of consumers in Britain are unaware that such a phenomenon actually exists.

75% of consumers say they’d shop at a high-street version of Amazon

Whether it’s likely we will ever see the likes of eBay or Amazon opening physical high street stores is a subject of some debate. Nevertheless, a new study carried out by Fujitsu found that were this to happen, an impressive 75% of customers would choose Amazon as the high street store they would use. If Amazon should ever decide that the time has come to pretty much annihilate the high street as it’s traditionally been known, it appears they could do exactly that.

Eight in ten shoppers think music makes in-store shopping more enjoyable

Interestingly, close to 80% of shoppers polled by Mood Media stated that they find the shopping experience more enjoyable if there is some kind of appropriate music playing in the background. In addition, around 90% said that an enjoyable atmosphere would encourage them to visit any given store again.  By contrast, research suggests that a similarly large percentage of consumers hate it when websites force them to listen to music against their will.

Data privacy of retail apps is still a big concern for consumers

While it’s clear that most consumers are not doing nearly enough to look after their private data and online security in general, research from Apadmi suggests that around 75% remain very concerned about data privacy. Likewise, close to 35% stated that the idea of their information being stored and used by retailers doesn’t exactly fill them with confidence.

89% of UK retailers have seen a drop in foot traffic over the last five years

Last but not least, as the growth and expansion of eCommerce continue its unstoppable acceleration, almost every traditional British retailer has noted a decline in traditional foot traffic since 2012.  Furthermore, almost 95% of UK retailers agree that eCommerce is having a detrimental effect on revenues for traditional high street outlets.

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