If you want to create content that resonates, then get to know your audience

What’s the best way for online businesses to create compelling content for audiences? It’s simply this: know your audience. If you know what your audience likes and what desires they have, then you’ll be able to produce copy that resonates. How do you get to know your audience? Well, you carry out research.

So, is that all there is to it? Well, sadly no it isn’t, otherwise every business would be thriving. There’s also the small matter of knowing what your audience doesn’t like, in other words, what causes then pain and sorrow. You might assume one would follow on naturally from the other; after all, if know what someone likes, by inference you should also know what irritates them. Sadly, the only way you’ll ever establish this is also by carrying out thorough research.

What will this extensive research tell you? Well, it will give you the key to your audience’s sensibilities. Thorough research will help you to learn their language and desires, discover things that resonate with them and identify the things they really can’t stand. Once you better understand your audience’s worldview, you will be in a much better position to develop relevant products, services, and content, and target the best marketing channels for promoting your content.

But even with all that knowledge you’re still faced with the tricky task of creating compelling and inspiring content that ticks all the boxes. So what’s the best way of doing that? Well, whether you’re sharing a video, article, podcast or image, the CURVE method will produce content that resonates and really stands out. The CURVE method is tried and tested in the world of email. It has helped countless businesses create compelling email subject lines. But the method works equally well with content creation.

What exactly is the CURVE method? Well CURVE is:

  • [C] curiosity
  • [U] urgency
  • [R] relevancy
  • [V] value
  • [E] emotion

In an ideal world every piece of content you create should address all 5 bullet points, but as we all know we don’t live in an ideal world. So what you should always try to include at least are the 3 most relevant elements that resonate with readers: relevancy, value, and emotion. Once you understand the wat your target audience views the world, you’ll be able to create content you’re your audience wants to read: content that demands attention, inspires, is relevant and adds value.

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