Search Engine Ranking: The Importance of NoFollow Links

When it comes to keeping your business at the top of search engine results, it is imperative that certain rules and methods are followed to ensure that your content is seen by those looking for what you have to offer. If you ever mention other businesses or websites in your page content, you need to make sure that all links included won’t have a negative effect on your own ranking in search results, and you don’t want any links back to you to do the same. How do you do this? By using follow and NoFollow links.

What is a Follow link?

When you reference another website, it is common that you would send a link following to that page for the user to view. By doing so, you are giving that website a small boost in it’s SEO. But how?

Links in your website all count as points, giving boosts to any linked sites. This helps them go higher in search results. All actions taken on your website are being watched by Google and other search engines. When you add a link to another website, google can follow that link and see that you have referenced it. If other websites were to do the same, this would send a message to Google that this website deserves to be seen by more people and will nudge it up the rankings in Google search.

To do this, Google uses a metric called “page ranks” to calculate link points, more commonly referred to as “link juice.” This juice flows from one site to another via hyperlinks embedded in articles and pages. The more reputable the site, the bigger the boost for that linked website.

When using follow links, it’s best to not spam the page.  The best way to use a follow link to another page is by using a relevant keyword in the anchor text. This enables the website to receive a higher ranking in Google based on those keywords.

What is a NoFollow Link?

A NoFollow link is a piece of HTML that informs search engines that the hyperlink in question cannot be followed unless you are human. That way there is no influence on those websites ranking in Google Search results.

This method has been put in place due to many SEO “experts” taking advantage of following links in the past, causing spam to overtake genuinely useful content. Now, it is important to use NoFollow to reduce the chances of spam occurring and keeps search engine results to a high standard.

Though it may appear that follow will only affect the page you are linking to, it will also affect your website. If you were to use a follow link too many times for a certain website, Google can view this as you helping that other website to “cheat” it’s way to the top, so it is important to know the times you should be using NoFollow links.

Paid or gifted links

If a company has approached you and asked you to write about a product or service in exchange for financial profit or some for some sort of gifted item, it is important that a NoFollow link is included as it would otherwise seem that they have bought the follow link from you.

Comments and Forums

It could appear that you are the person sharing the link to bring people to your website, or perhaps you are getting people to do it on your behalf.

Untrusted and irrelevant content

If you provide any follow links to pages that are either untrusted or irrelevant to your topic/service, Google will look into this, leading to a loss in link juice.

How do I get follow links?

The best method is to follow an honest approach. By creating original, relevant and thought-provoking online content, you are far more likely to gain organic reach in Google search and other search engine results. If you’re not sure where to begin, that’s where Search and More can help. We are here to provide your website with the best content for your product or service. Fill in our contact form, or give us a call today to discover how we can help your business flourish online.

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