Internal Sales Are Dead, the Internet is the New Normal

Covid left many casualties in its wake, ripping through many businesses internal sales processes that many people believe simply sped up an impending transition for businesses. The internet was already on its way to overtaking the high street shop approach when it came to supplying, and the global pandemic simply catapulted everyone into where it was predicted to be a few years from now. This resulted in every kind of business overhauling its processes and adopting the internet marketing and social selling as their main core of business going forward.

What Exactly is Social Selling?

When someone mentions selling via social media, the general impression is around advertising and the dreaded spamming that crams up our inboxes. In reality, the reality of social selling is about sales through relationship building via social media platforms.

The core of good sales has always been the relationship that builds to the sale. Understanding your prospect’s needs and providing them with trust that you are the business that has their interests as a focus. The goal is to create an imprint that when they need something, you are the first image that pops into their heads. It has worked this way for 100 years and is still the driving force today, albeit with new technology to boost the goal.

Businesses today realise the potential in social networks to start conversions, build relationships and closing the sale, as well as getting the best word of mouth from the customer.

Why is social selling on the internet so important to you? – because 78% of social sellers are outselling their peers who don’t.

Discovering Opportunities

Your perfect customers may very well be discussing their requirements through social media channels right now through comments, asking for recommendations or even updating their statuses.

The trick is knowing how to listen. By working with a digital marketing agency Stockport, you could have all the tools to effectively provide access for them in finding what they want from you. This can be done by setting up your company identity on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, even Twitter and Instagram if required. The more avenues you have to attract the right customer the better.

Of course, this would then lead to the client finding their way to your website to see what you have to offer, so you will need to be sure you have a responsive website design Stockport in place. Many people utilise social platforms through the use of mobile technology such as phones or tablets.

Your internet marketing need not be operated by yourself daily either, as digital agencies can handle all the marketing aspects for your business.

For more information on social selling and lead generation potential, contact the team at Search and More to discover how it can be done right.

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