Internet Marketing: Don’t Focus On The Process, Promote The Brand.

Internet marketing is essentially a straightforward process, underpinned by one simple concept – to sell as many online products or services as possible.

It’s a natural enough desire when you boil it down: if you’ve spent considerable time, money and effort developing and building a brand, then why wouldn’t you work towards this goal? The only problem with having such a narrow focus is that many businesses can lose sight of what’s truly important, and concentrate too much effort on the process itself. Increasing revenues is important, but so is developing the personality of the brand.

Marketing materials should inspire and engage: they should never be boring.

If a brand becomes bland it will stagnate. So, how can businesses still increase revenues whilst keeping content vibrant? How can they focus their efforts on engaging audiences without sacrificing sales?

Emails and planned distribution.

There’s no point sending out blanket emails to everyone on your contact list just for the sake of it. If contacts aren’t interested in what you’re saying, then it’s a pointless exercise. What businesses should be doing is only sending emails to those contacts who will be interested in what they’re trying to say. Content needs to be relevant. If you think your contacts would be interested in a great article you’ve come across, or a new product you’re developing, then by all means share that information. If they wouldn’t be, then don’t. What you’re trying to do is offer them something of value.

Figure out what it is that makes you unique, and develop it.

Are your blog posts and webpages bland and uninspiring? Are you effectively serving up the same sort of fare as your competitors? If the answer’s yes, then you need to do something about it. Brands need a unique voice: they need a distinct personality, particularly in an era when social media plays such a predominant role. What your business is trying to do is engage with an audience. Ultimately what you should be aiming to do is turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors and trying to expand your audience. To achieve this you’ll need to produce content that speaks to, and interests, your intended audience. Members of an online community will only share content that they like. So keep your content brand-focused and relevant.

Don’t forget the call to action.

A target audience can be many things: if can be loyal, and it can be engaged. Unfortunately what it can never be is clairvoyant. Audiences aren’t mind readers. If your intention is to prompt visitors to do something like click on a link for further information, buy a product, or like or share an article on Facebook or Twitter, then make sure you tell them to do it. Make your intentions clear and unequivocal.  You don’t have to telegraph the call to action and ‘SHOUT IT OUT LOUD’ in capitalised letters, but you do need to be clear what action you would like your audience to take.

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