Internet Marketing: Not A Lot Of People Know That.

Most of us, if we’re being totally honest, can’t really say with any degree of certainty when internet marketing first started.

Obviously its success depended on the computer, so we know rationally it has to have been a recent addition to the marketing mix, yet in some strange kind of way it seems like it’s been around for ever. Anyway, what do you know about internet marketing?

What strange facts and figures are you aware of?

Probably more than you think, and less than you should. So here are a few facts that you may not know about internet marketing, courtesy of, Tech Republic, Advertising Today,,, and OMGFacts.


The first email to be sent with an @ symbol was sent as far back as 1971. It was sent by a man called Ray Pearson. The @ symbol signified that the email was sent to a person rather than a machine.

Multiple email.

The world’s first blast, or multiple email was sent in 1978 for Dec System 2020 – at the time the world’s cheapest computer. The email was sent to 600 individual recipients and wasn’t received all that favourably, so things haven’t really changed there then.


Whose face featured on the first Facebook home page, or The Facebook, as it was known then? Surprisingly it was Al Pacino. Was it really the Godfather’s face? Well, the jury is still out, but it’s too much of a coincidence not to be true.

Apple Mac.

The Mac was launched during the Super Bowl in 1984 with the commercial ‘1984’. The commercial was directed by none other than Ridley Scott in what was believed to be one of first instances of televised event marketing.


What was the original name of what is now the world’s most popular micro-blogging site? Twitter? Well, actually no: it was Twttr. Fortunately the name was changed just before it was eventually launched.


It may seem like it’s been around for ever, but Google’s first ever tweet was actually only sent in 2009. It was sent in binary code, and spells out ‘I’m feeling lucky’. You may recognise that as it’s the name on the button next to search button on Google. For anyone who might be interested the binary code was: 01100110 01100101 011001101 and so on and so forth.


Gmail was once owned by Garfield and was offered as a free email service


The first email in 1971 was sent by 2 computers sitting next to one another. The message is reported to have read ‘testing 123’ or ‘QUERTYUIOP’


One of The Facebook’s early integral features was a file sharing service called Wirehog. It was quickly taken offline because of privacy concerns.


Just how popular are Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber and Katy Perry? Very popular it seems. They each have more Twitter followers than the populations of many countries, including Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Canada, Argentina and Egypt.

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