Is your Social Media having a Mid-life Crisis?

The internet is a fast-paced place to be. Twitter and Facebook are only 12 and 14 years old but are progressing at internet speed. Right now, however, they appear to be stuck in a midlife crisis, and those who run the platforms are publicly examining their purpose and the impact they have on society. What’s more, those who use the platforms are asking tough questions regarding their reliance on social media.

As marketers, we should be doing the same. In particular, is our social media marketing of any value to our audience? If the answer is no, then we are contributing to the problem. Social media is currently in the middle of a crisis, but there is no reason to give up. If anything, we should delve deeper into how we can fix the situation in a careful and meaningful manner.

How does your Social Media Marketing make people feel?

According to a recent report by Hill Holliday, a majority of 18-24-year-olds were contemplating the idea of leaving social media. More than a quarter said that social media had a negative impact on their self-esteem or make them feel insecure.

The connection between your brand and social media should be there to make people feel better. They should believe that your brand shares the same values as them, is listening to them and can meet their needs and expectations. It’s a good idea to assed what your brand shares on social media to make sure that only positivity is being spread. We are no longer in an age where it is okay to scare or shame an individual into buying a product or service. Seeking search engine optimisation in Stockport will encourage thorough social media planning so your content is always getting the best engagement.

Is your Brand using Social Media for its True Purpose?

Okay, we would never expect anyone to open their Facebook app with the hopes of a positive brand interaction, now would they? Social media is there for people to connect with other people. From old school friends to family members who live far away, it’s for human interaction when people are out of reach.

Most brands on social media have somewhat failed in terms of providing people with person-to-person interaction. Perhaps a reason behind people moving their conversations away from the public eye and into private group apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

What should brands do to become more social on social media? Transparency and honesty are the two places to begin. Use social media to introduce the people behind the brand and what their values are. Aim for engagement to have meaning. When an individual reaches out to the brand, the response should be prompt, personal and useful.

Can your Audience Trust your Brand?

At the centre off it, there is a limit to the ability of connection between your brand and an individual. Even when you engage, offer honesty and transparency, a brand is not the same as a human being. There will always be a bit of strain in the relationship dynamic.

This is one of the many reasons why influencer marketing works so well. Influencers can help your brand to create content and send it out to their audience on a much more personal level than your brand could ever manage by itself. Look for the people who are already followed by your audience, the ones you know they will interact with. Work with these influencers to bring content to their audience which only your brand could have helped create.

By working with influencers, you are putting a personal and social touch back into social media marketing. It ensures that your brand interaction is where it should be, in a person-to-person scenario.

Getting over the Crisis

When social media platforms were first introduced, many of us dove in straight away. We found everyone we once knew some time ago, from classmates to college friends. We added our colleagues, family members, mutual friends and kept almost no secrets. Routines were developed over the course of time. Now, people are starting to see more into what social media means to them and are breaking it down. Many will keep their accounts open, but the majority are likely to change how they engage with the platforms. A digital agency in Stockport can help you understand how consumers use each platform and how you can meet their needs.

Ring any bells? Most brands did the same when social media came about, and many went on autopilot after getting into a routine. It’s now time to question what we want from social media, and whether our tactics are putting us in the right direction for achieving our goals. More importantly, making sure our goals are in line with what our audience wants, which is something SEO experts in Stockport can help with.

Social media is a key part of marketing your brand, which is why you may need help from local SEO Stockport. To hear more about how your brand website can be designed, managed and optimised online, contact Search & More today.

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