Is your SEO ready for Christmas?

So, November is underway, and you have come to realise that your SEO is not in shape for the festive season. This could be down to the fact that you are only just realising that your SEO strategy isn’t going to bring the results you want. Or, and this is rather common, you have just procrastinated. If this is the case, then you may need some help to get your SEO ready for Christmas.

How to get your SEO ready for Christmas

It’s now 7 weeks until Christmas, leaving you with approximately 4 weeks to get your SEO ready for Christmas festivities. Here, we have a selection of last-minute things you could be doing to get your SEO ready in time for the Christmas holidays.

Titles and Descriptions in the SERPs

We have mentioned doing this for many other reasons that are not related to Christmas. However, it should still apply for this specific time of the year. Let’s use a specific product search for an example. Consider a parent who is looking for a designer bag for their teenager. Titles such as “Top Designer Bags for Christmas 2018” is likely to get more attention than “Top designer bags for Christmas including Jeremy Scott, Givenchy and Cloe.”

So, which one are they more likely to choose? It will likely be the former. that title offers the answer to the parent’s search query. The latter, however, simply shows a list that the parent may not recognise.

Google Search Console can help you find the terms that your pages are ranking for. You can then focus your titles and descriptions on improving the clickthrough’s for those terms. Remember, you are optimising for the people who would purchase form you, not just the people who are browsing for offers.

We are now able to very quickly test titles with Google Ads. Text ads have been expanded, allowing three sets of 30 characters as opposed to two. Descriptions have now increased from 80 to 90 characters. Thanks to this, we can now test versions a lot closer to what we would organically deploy.

Updating evergreen URL with new Content

This can work throughout the year, but it is especially useful to know if you are scrambling to improve your rankings at Christmas. Top lists of popular games, books and more, are always winners. Consider writing about staff picks, reviews, ratings and guides. It’s not always about what you sell or what people want to buy. It’s more about who shops for that demographic, their most common questions and how they would word it. These are things you must consider when you change your content.

Rank elsewhere and Format Correctly

You may wish to rank for terms that are too competitive for your current site strength. If this is the case, you can find resources that are strong enough to rank and see if they accept guest articles. However, be careful to review Google’s reminder about large-scale article campaigns.

  • Make a shortlist of 3 or 4 websites that rank well within your niche and accept guest articles.
  • Put together some in depth research on what content resonated well with THEIR audience. Use a social media measurement tool to determine what content on their website gets the most shares.
  • Put together content ideas and outlines about what their audience will like. Remember to factor in what interests overlaps with what you wish to rank for.
  • Carefully read the guidelines and pitch in the format they wish to see.
  • Be concise in your pitch. Keep your pitch to the point but be thorough and show your knowledge of both the subject matter and their audience.

Rank for specific Queries

Many people are searching for queries during the holidays, not before. Your analytics will be able to tell you in more detail what times of the year people are searching for particular things. What’s more, you may find that those who search to find your website, are looking for specific terms. This is great for your SEO as you can target less competitive terms.

Maximise your strategy

The festive season is a time for you to turn your focus to things you can do that can impact your results. You will also want to focus on maximising your earnings from holiday shoppers. Though we hope you get ahead of the game next year, we certainly hope this helps you catch up this year.

Talk to Search and More

There is a lot to think about when it comes to your business and SEO. This is why Search and More are here to help. Whether it’s keeping your web pages optimised, pushing your content out socially, or even creating an entirely new website, we are here. To find out more about our pick ‘n’ mix service and how it can benefit your business, get in touch.

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