LinkedIn Blogs: 5 Dos & Don’ts.

One thing we will be seeing more of in the future is LinkedIn blogs.

The Influencer program actually launched in 2012, showcasing content from high fliers. But as it expands it will allow us all to offer career advice and industry news.

I smell another social media business opportunity. Another way to push your profile and set you apart from the competition.

Where do I write a LinkedIn blog?

Direct from your LinkedIn homepage. Just look for the little pencil icon in ‘Share an update’ box. You can edit and add images.

Not everyone is a blogger. In fact, most people think they are pretty good at it, when in fact they are simply adding to a whole range of useless information hanging in limbo somewhere in cyber space.

So here are some top tips at a glance on the dos and don’t s of Linkedin blogging.

Do write about what you know.

When you have something special to offer you industry then stick to the thing you know best. That way there will be a stronger business / professional message from your profile as a whole. Topics about challenges you faced, opportunities you seized, and important trends in your industry are good places to start. What do you remember most about your career? What are you passionate about?

Do keep it short.

Too long a post is always going to be losing interest. Keep it to 500 words. Add images and links and presentation.

Do Ccne commenting on a LinkedIn blog will have to be logged in, so you are pretty safe from spam and will reap the benefits if people do. So comment on other posts to encourage people to do the same. And answer your own comments promptly.

Don’t ignore your analytics: Are you blogs doing ok?

You want to know don’t you? And you can see how many people clicked on your post, how many people liked it, and how many people commented. So check the figures. It will help you improve your future posts. Some will be more popular than others after all.

Don’t forget to share your content.

Visibility is key. So people will get your post on their newfeeds if they follow your posts, but you can also share your post automatically with Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Are you a LinkedIn Blogger? Share you experience here.

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