LinkedIn for Business: A Social Selling Formula.

Is social selling the right way to sell on LinkedIn and other platforms?

You know it’s important as a business to embrace fast-track business growth. We’re all learning the science of social selling, but struggling with the fact there’s often no immediate outcome.

The only way to make it work is really to have a successful social selling strategy.

Something that can measure the performance of your social selling activities

Knowing what to say.

Sharing content will give you the advantage over your competitiors. As a business owner you can write short posts, even create videos and link these back to your Company blog. This is sure to generate more traffic when shared on your network. It’s value to your target audience because you are the expert in your field.

Having a Purpose.

If you aren’t there to engage then you need to question why you are there at all. What you are trying to do is look out for topical questions, concerns and insights on subjects being discussed on a timeline, your groups and Companies you follow. If you can offer solutions then all the better.

The more you participate then the easier to tap in to social selling. Well in effect you are doing it.

It’s an education.

There’s so much to learn on the social about your business industry and your business. Connect with as many influencers as you can in your field. The real valuable information is through groups and posts and pages relevant to you. Things that you don’t get when you search Google. If you can be part of the sharing, then your connections will grow weight.

Staying Topical.

One quick way to stay relevant is to look for things that are already trending or talkined about and work your content around it. Sneaky, but it works. And lets face it, there’s so much information out there, there’s no point writing something that is going to get lost in a sea of words.

Be Intelligent.

Social selling is about knowing how to get noticed. How you do that is by offering insights to allow people to know that viewing your post is worth it. I’ve found that asking questions in relevant groups is good to find out who responds.If you know who is more active, then they will help you build your social selling faster.

Let’s think about targeting our market. Who can we build a rapport with. Selling can’t be done short term. You have to play the game and the sales will follow.

Making Real Impressions.

This isn’t play socialising, you really do have to invest in other people so that it doesn’t all feel one sided. It’s not just about you. Others have videos and posts and comments and questions. Have you contributed? Do you appreciate others information?

Social Selling is a long term strategy about everything we’ve probably already said before.But it’s worth saying again: engage and learn and leverage. Gather information and make connections. They will pay off in the long term. And if you need help you know where we are.

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