Looking at your site from a different perspective

As the person responsible for the re-design of a website (perhaps the owner of the business or marketing manager), you’ve a lot resting on your shoulders. You need to ensure that the resulting site is worth the outlay, that clients love to visit and continue to come back to you to do business with you – whilst attracting new customers simultaneously. So when you sit down to consider the best way forward, where do you start? We’d suggest looking outside rather than within…

Consider your clients’ perspectives

As we’ve covered previously on the blog, one of the biggest initial errors those in charge of a website rebuild or redesign is adopting tunnel vision and simply looking at the site through their own eyes, neglecting to consider how it might appear to others. Notably, to clients and the audience your business really wants to reach and target to make more money. It can be difficult to ‘step outside yourself’ and look at things from the viewpoint of another person – so conducting market research or taking into account feedback from current customers can be helpful.

Have you any previous comments, feedback or market research?

You might find that this website rethink is the result of poor performance or a lack of visitors – but if you do have any negative feedback which specifically relates to your website, then make sure that you use it to your advantage. For example, comments about slow load times, poor graphics, difficult navigability and off-putting design should be taken on board – as these are the things which are putting off existing clients and could potentially hamper your efforts to attract new ones.

What are competitors doing well (and not so well)?

It is always useful to take a look at what the competition are doing – especially if you’re looking to improve your own offering. You can consider what you feel is successful and what’s not (taking into account your market and adopting the mind-set of your audience), then implement anything you feel they are lacking in your own brand new site. Similarly, if you find that they are doing something which is working well and could be a fantastic addition to your new site, take inspiration from that and borrow the idea. Always consider when viewing a competitor’s site whether overall they are doing better or worse than you – as this should give you an indication of whether their ideas are worth adopting or not.

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