Make Social Work For You.

Busy or not, social media is now a very powerful and attractive marketing tool.

Business owners and marketers alike know that social is the best marketing channel.

But it’s not easy. And it doesn’t happen by chance. It depends entirely on what you put into it, so if you don’t have a plan for your social media then you could be failing before you begin. If you are too laid back then you can make unnecessary mistakes and there are bound to be missed opportunities. So here are 5 ways to make your social media work for you:

1. Allocate A Social Media Manager:

Just make sure that whoever it is understand the best way to convey your messages and promote the brand.

2. Put A Social Plan Into Action:

It takes time to plan messages, but it’s worth doing this regularly once a week. And it’s easier if you use something like HootSuite to schedule your posts for the future. Take the time to do it and get into a routine, so you always have enough content coming up.

3. Direct People To Your Site

It’s got to be done. Everyone should direct users to their site. And if you have some great content this should encourage people to go there.

4. Showcase Your Content:

You should really only try the direct approach a small percentage of the time. The rest of it should be third-party stuff, blogs, and industry insight. Show you can talk about something other than yourself.

5. Engage:

You need to be social and you need to demonstrate that. It’s easy if you have the time and as long as the customers feel engaged then they will have a positive feeling about the brand.

First thing’s first. Assess your social media status and performance. Ask yourself if you are making the most of it. If not make it works for you from today.

Please feel free to contact Search and More if you need any support or advice on social marketing.

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