Mobilegeddon: If It Slipped You By, You’re Doing a Great Job!

If the whole subject of Google’s recent mobile-centric algorithm change somehow slipped you by, well let’s just say you must have found a pretty quiet rock to hide under!

For the rest of the world, talk of the biggest change in the history of the search engine struck fear into the hearts of millions of site owners and webmasters, for whom the threat of falling off the rankings altogether was one that couldn’t be ignored.

The change went live a couple of weeks ago and proved to be one of the most interesting to date.

While it brought about the end of the world for some, others had no idea anything had actually changed.

And for those in the latter bracket, it was basically like receiving a pat on the back and reassurance that they’re doing a great job.

A Taste of What’s to Come.

As has been the case with every Google update over recent years, the most common way of looking at the mobile algorithm change was as something of a box to tick. It was more a case of making sure all bases were covered in the eyes of Google than actually bothering with the true point and meaning of the update, which was and is to make things better for mobile web users. As such, hundreds of thousands of sites were given very fast, very sketchy overhauls for no reason other than to pass Google’s mobile-friendly site checking too, which if they did, they were pretty much in the clear, sort of.

Of course, this isn’t what could be rightly called a proactive or long-term approach to the subject of mobile-readiness as to create a site that ticks the necessary boxes doesn’t necessarily mean a site that’s mobile-friendly, in fact, it rarely does. In the weeks, months, and indeed years running up to the big change at Google, experts were warning that not only was the change coming, but that it would represent nothing more than a very minor taste of what’s to come.

The so-called ‘mobilegeddon’ change implemented at Google is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.


Ignorance Isn’t Bliss.

Things have already reached a point where to ignore or in any way underestimate the importance of mobile is to do your site and brand as a whole the mother of all disservices. Even if you’re currently getting away with doing little more than giving a courteous nod in the direction of the mobile crowd, this won’t be the case for long. Over 50% of web traffic already originates from mobile, which means that even if your site managed to effectively fool Google, it won’t fool anyone else if it’s not up to par.

And just for the record, simply switching to a responsive WordPress theme isn’t going to cut it – full mobile optimisation means exactly that; full and extensive optimisation.

So, if punishments have been successfully avoided this time without you having to make any changes to your site, chances are you were doing a pretty good job before ‘mobilegeddon’. If on the other hand, you botched together a hasty and half-baked change just to tick the mobile box, you’re only delaying the consequence, they’ll come your way eventually!

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