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Statistically, it is said that all it takes is three negative reviews can make up to 75% of consumers reconsider a purchasing decision.

A report by B2B Magazine states that a single negative customer review on social media network can cost a business about 30 existing and prospective customers.

The Internet has made the world a global village, with people buying products and services across continents with a few clicks of a button.

It allows them to compare practically every aspect of their purchase; from prices to fastest and cheapest delivery options. It even allows them choose the retailers to buy from. This last feature is facilitated by the human need to belong, and do what others are doing. Hence we read reviews to know what other people think about the product.

Little wonder that 70% of online shoppers in a survey, said they have been influenced by a review before making a buying decision. With web developers asking clients to include satisfied client testimonials on their home page to improve trust, what happens when there is one dissatisfied customer? One person who won’t hesitate to express their displeasure at your service on the Internet. In the previously mentioned poll, 86% of the people polled said they would be influenced by negative reviews. Just look at the reviews on Amazon, we al look at the 5 star reviews, then think ‘it cant be that great’, and click away to read the 1 and 2 star reviews, before making a buying decision.

Bad reviews result in diminished company credibility even in the eyes of previous advocates.

Users have been known to go as far as creating hate sites and negative reports all over the internet in attempt to spread the bad news. This leads to lower earnings and sales volume.

So how can you put out the fires of dissent before it burns down your hard won reputation?

The ideal strategy is to Keep your finger on the pulse – Regularly Googling your company name will bring up places where it has been mentioned. From YouTube, to Revoo to Yelp and blogs, you can find who is talking about you. An easier ‘automated ‘ way is to use the Google Alerts tool to monitor the Internet for any mentions of your company name.

You can also use Hootsuite to monitor Twitter It allows real time monitoring of tweets that contain your company name, brand or product name. Responding to these ASAP also allows you to connect to people who are interested in your product.

Finding out who is talking about your business is the first step. What happens if the mention is in an unfavourable context? The following tactics can help reverse that:

Be active on social media platforms.

These are people who choose to connect with you because they are vaguely interested in your offering. Connecting and engaging with them on social media can sway them closer to a buying decision or simply make them advocates. Social media offers an excellent platform to carry out constant yet unobtrusive public relations.

Where is your blog?

It is sad to see that many companies are still stuck in the mindset that word of mouth and a listing in Thomson Local is enough ‘marketing’. While these have their place, you are doing yourself and potential customers a huge disservice. Having your own platform where you can engage and attract customer comments and questions is priceless in today’s marketing field.

Protect your business by diversifying your properties.

Now that you have that company blog set up, spread your tentacles. Get your content on as many platforms as possible. YouTube Videos, Pinterest, SlideShare; increase your reach and see how many more customers you can engage with on these niche platforms.

The second important use of this tactic is that if your company name is being sullied online, they would have to beat out the ton of positive recommendations to get anywhere near page 1 and of Google.


Accept that you cant quench all the fires. No matter how good your offering is, someone, somewhere will still hate in you. The important thing here is how you handle it. Haven done your best to remedy the situation, provide a cash refund to the customer, apologise and walk away from the situation. Continuing to engage with them will only portray your business in a weak and petty light.

Wherever you can, ask satisfied customers to leave testimonials for you. Spreading your content from your blog to other properties allows you to cast a wider net to attract positive testimonials for your product and service. Search and More Limited use top of the range tools to help you monitor your social mentions. We can help you create a social marketing plan that attracts positive customer testimonials in a short time. Call us today.

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