Need to build your brand nationally or internationally?

Some businesses run successfully in their local vicinity – so successfully in fact that they decide to expand further afield. For others, getting national or international exposure is imperative from the get-go.

Sharing your brand effectively with customers nationwide or around the world is only possible with a strong online marketing strategy. The beauty of the internet is uncomplicated communication between different countries, cultures and languages – so how can use it to your advantage and harness this reach to promote your company in multiple locations?

Implement a social sharing strategy

Consider now whether you will retain just one social media presence, or expand to include multiple accounts for different locations. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches – and the success of each depends on the nature of your business and your target market, as well as your resources. If you handle social in-house, for example, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to run multiple accounts with success (duplicated content isn’t going to be effective). If you are a beauty brand, you can easily expand using one account to target several locations, using it to share your worldwide status. But if you are a restaurant chain, local consumers will want to see events, interiors and menus for their specific branch, so multiple accounts are a must.

Invest in targeted SEO

Targeted SEO is a must for brands looking to grow outside of their local area. If you’re experiencing success in one particular area online, it’s likely that some form of SEO has contributed to that. Think of the next step as a scaled-up version of localised SEO – more keywords, additional landing pages and social channels and backlinks specifically designed to drive traffic in fresh locations and areas. You’ll need to choose a company with specific expertise in either national or international SEO – as they will know how to blend techniques and tailor an approach based on your requirements. Also, prepare financially for the cost of SEO – as an effective strategy will have a rather large cost attached due to the amount of time and resources involved in its implementation. This of course should be eclipsed by your return in time.

Ensure that your brand is accessible for all markets

Reaching different markets successfully can be challenging – both nationally and internationally. Whilst in the UK there are no language barriers to combat, you still need to meet the differing needs of consumers in various geographical locations – so you’ll need a sophisticated website that adapts to suit their requirements. Expert web developers can create a versatile platform with capabilities that enable all customers to experience it in their own ways – such as translations, personalised offers and content and tailored visuals.

If you’re growing your brand nationally or internationally, you need an online marketing partner with the expertise and experience to develop your business swiftly and successfully. Speak to us today about securing reach and exposure for your brand further afield.

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