New Study Shows Video Will Drive Online Traffic To Record Levels By 2018.

We’re all aware of the growing popularity of video in online marketing, but few have really appreciated its true significance – until now that is.

Video is the future of online marketing. That’s the bold claim made by Cisco. In a new study the hardware maker claims video will drive online traffic to zettabyte-high levels by 2018: that’s 1 billion terabytes in old money.

The vast amount of video uploaded to the web is predicted to reach staggering proportions: so much so that it would take an individual 5 million years to watch the video clips, films and documentaries uploaded to the internet in one month alone. Cisco predicts that 79 per cent of all traffic uploaded to the internet will be video by 2018 – up from its current level of 66 per cent, and that 1 million minutes of video will be uploaded to the web every second by that date. Of greatest significance to any business involved in online marketing, Cisco predicts that more than half of the data uploaded will go to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets connected wirelessly.

Why are the predictions in this new study so significant?

Well, simply because video represents the future for internet marketing. Video streaming will become the best and most-effective medium for internet marketers to get information about their products out into the public domain. Video is a more personal and intimate medium, and is, by far, the most-effective tool for getting a message across. That might sound like a bold assertion to make when you consider that video is a medium that is meant to appeal to all who view it, but the fact is the nature of film means that the video invariably is perceived as having been made just for the benefit of the person viewing it. It might sound counter-intuitive, but it’s a fact none the less.

The other benefit of video is that it’s accepted as a trusted medium in the public consciousness.

People perceive video to be genuine and authentic. The reason for this according to numerous studies is that users believe that if an internet marketer goes to the trouble of making a video, then it proves they are the real deal, that is, genuine and honest. Earning trust online is difficult enough at the best of times, especially when online scamming is so prevalent, but video seems to be able to overcome these problems and build a bond of trust with the viewer. What’s more, video can also communicate a message and engage the viewer.

Video is the perfect medium for providing pivotal information about products. Words are fine and still have their place, but if you want to show a potential customer what your product does, how it performs, and some of the things it’s capable of, then nothing beats a video. Good videos will send out the right message and can turn potential customers into a converted leads.

The trick to marketing any product online is to speak to and interact directly with your customers. They need to feel that you are speaking to them, and they need to feel that you understand their feelings. If you can demonstrate this through video means, and also show them how your product can either change or enhance their lives, then you’re onto a winner.

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