No Time to Blog? Sure You Have…You Just Need to Get Creative

Convinced you don’t have time to create and publish compelling blog content? Poppycock…it’s just that you aren’t being savvy enough with your time and resources. Well, that or you can’t be bothered, but that’s a debate we won’t to be getting into right now.

Blogs can definitely be time-consuming and challenging, but a little creative blog writing and thought can make things much easier. So with this in mind, here’s a brief rundown of 10 simple ideas that prove you do in fact have time to operate an engaging and successful blog:

  1. First up, why not invite guest bloggers to come up with their own posts and share their thoughts, ideas and experience with your target audience.  After all, why do all the hard work yourself when there are others out there ready and willing to do it for you?
  2. Video blogging is also a great idea when it comes to saving both time and effort, given the fact that it’s often simply a case of blabbering for 30 seconds or so in front of the camera. You can even record these at any time and from any place using your smartphone.
  3. The same also goes for podcasts, which are essentially little more than a fancy term for the audio equivalent of a video blog. Think of the snippets you want to share, speak them into any recording device you have within reach and upload them as and when necessary.
  4. Dictation software has come a long way these days and can make it incredibly easy to script interesting and conversational blog posts. Rather than attempting to type in a manner that is conversational and engaging, why not speak them out loud and have the machine transcribe them?
  5. Chances are there are certain past posts you’ve published that were either ridiculously successful or for some reason completely underrated/missed. In any case, you have yourself prime material for repurposing.
  6. If at any time you find yourself particularly inspired in terms of possible blog posts, create an extensive list of potential titles all at once. This is guaranteed to come in handy during those times when you simply can’t think of a single valid thing in the world to write about.
  7. Likewise, if you find yourself with a pocket of free time for any given reason, it is more than worth dedicating it to the production of as many high-quality blog posts as possible. This way, you’re covered in advance for the times when time really is something you do not have enough of.
  8. Delegating blog post writing to those you might not typically associate with these kinds of jobs can also breed surprising results. Even if it’s a case of then proofreading and editing the content yourself, you might be amazed at what’s going on in the thoughts and minds of those all around you.
  9. Breaking news not only makes for outstanding blog posts but is also constantly available from thousands of sources. So even if you can’t think of anything valid to say, there are plenty of others out there who can and are publishing the kind of material you can transform using your own unique voice.
  10. Last but not least, given the fact that blogging is of such critical importance these days, it should represent a fundamental element of your overall business schedule. This means that if you cannot allocate sufficient time to your blog in your everyday working schedule, you might want to think about hiring somebody to take over things on your behalf.

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