November’s Most Eye-Opening Digital Marketing Data

It’s been a rather interesting year on the whole for the web marketer. Growth and expansion in e-commerce and web business in general are once again expected to accelerate spectacularly in 2016, making now an important time to revisit some of the year’s most critical statistics.

Much of the noise as of late may have been about Black Friday, but the savvy web marketer is more interested in the long-term outlook.

So in terms of what we’ve been learning throughout November as a whole, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most eye-opening statistics of all:

1. The current deficit in digital skills across the UK is costing the economy no less than £500 million. In specific, 73% of businesses are struggling to find individuals with competent coding skills, while 31% are having a hard time securing stellar online sales staff.

2. Almost half of all shoppers – 43% to be precise – admit that the kind of technology any given store uses in order to enhance customer service provision influences their retail spending habits. Advanced technology appears to enhance customer engagement.

3. If by doing so the in-store shopping experience could be enhanced and optimised, close to 40% of shoppers said they’d be more than willing to provide retailers with their personal data.

4. Before heading to the High Street for largely any type of shopping whatsoever, close to 90% of consumers actively research both the products they intend to buy and the retailer selling them. In many instances, consumers firmly believe they are better informed about the products they are interested in than store staff.

5. After researching prospective purchases by way of mobile devices, around 38% of consumers fully intend to make a purchase in less than one hour. This statistic has accelerated to an incredible 65% over the past two years alone.

6. Of the millions of consumers checking out products and retailers online prior to making a purchase, approximately 30% will make their chosen purchase online, while 70% will head to the High Street retailer of their choosing.

7. Within the next five years, around 60% of British businesses expect at least 25% of their total revenue to be generated by way of online sales.

8. Close to 20% of all UK businesses only introduce special offers and discounts over the Christmas shopping periods, with no specific sales or deals throughout the rest of the year.

9. Staying in and remaining glued to mobile devices is fast becoming the weekend activity of choice for a growing contingency of younger consumers. Social media and online video have surpassed attending gigs and going to nightclubs as spare time hobbies among younger age groups.

10. Almost 80% of online retailers admit they aren’t comprehensively prepared for the Christmas shopping rush, with most expecting shipping delays, problems with returns and complications with multiple-item orders and bulk shipping.

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