Offline Search Engine Marketing Methods.

Search engine marketing generally refers to the online marketing of a given website, by the usual methods of pay per click advertising, article writing, blogging and SEO.


However, there are other ways to promote websites and these can be done offline. Marketing a website offline might at first appear to be a strange recommendation: however, the purpose of SEM is to increase the visibility of any given site, so by that standard any means that serves to make a site more prominent and familiar surely has to be a good thing.

Most commercial advertising is done offline: think of all the brochures, ads and newspapers that get posted through your letterboxes. It can be irritating to receive so many of these unsolicited items, but the point is, they work. So how do you utilise offline advertising to increase and improve your market share?

Firstly make sure that any business card or letter head used by your company clearly displays your website address.

Make sure it’s prominent, so that everyone receiving it knows where to find your web page. It’s also worth adding a keyword from your website so that potential customers know precisely what service or offer you are promoting.

Search engine marketing can also be helped by advertising in the classified ads in magazines and newspapers. Granted this is a smaller market, and the chances are you won’t reach as wide an audience as you would with online ads, but every little helps. The point of marketing is primarily to get your message/ campaign out there and visible. Newspaper advertising is particularly effective with niche or specialised markets: customers look at certain parts of newspapers and magazines to find information about the particular area they are interested in, whether that be printing or patisserie. Place an advert there and it might just pay off.

Why not try leafleting and brochures as another means of promoting search engine marketing.

Once again make sure your web address is prominent and include a keyword if possible to enable potential customers to search the site. It’s probably best if other details like addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are kept to a minimum if the purpose of the promotion is to publicise the website. If possible, make sure your website has a memorable name and is not too complicated and convoluted.

Whilst SEM is designed to promote an online identity or business, it’s always worth applying any strategy that will enhance and strengthen your company or product profile. Targeting grass roots advertising is surprisingly effective, and at the end of the day, all publicity is good publicity.

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