Energising Your Online Presence with Reviews

There are many ways to push your business to the pinnacle of its industry, and marketing and showmanship can get you so far, you need to add online business reviews into the mix.

However, word of mouth still remains the strongest sales conversion and nowhere is it more highlighted than internet reviews, referrals and connections. Nothing gets a better push for more business than someone doing the work of promoting your service through genuine satisfaction and recommendation.

So with online reviews, the key to maintaining its success is to keep constantly updated. People want to read about experiences with products and services more than your own plugging of your professional service. A bad review steers people away more than anything no matter how good something is, and in return an excellent review pretty much turns the interest into a legitimate sale.

So how do you approach online reviews and make them work for your business on the internet to aid in trading successfully with conversions from them?


Among the chief areas to ensure a successful presence for your business is to review websites where potential customers are likely to find reviews.

Platforms such as Google, Trustpilot and Yell.com provide a profile for businesses to set up on their site with free content. Once choosing which review site you want to feature on, or all of them, then you can focus on how you want to be reviewed.

For starters, you can ask your existing client base to head to the page and write up a review and short testimonial. By supplying their business name or making it a touch more personal in the write-up, it gives a much more substantial read and eliminates the suspicion that the company is self-generating online reviews.


Management of reviews is of importance whether your reviews are good or bad, and your responses online should reflect professionalism regardless to highlight exceptional customer service.

Being prompt to review responses is a huge advantage and this can be achieved by either daily checks on the site or even set up alerts so you can respond immediately.

It’s important to thank the customer for the review regardless of what rating they leave and be personable, referring to them by name. If they highlight staff members who have really helped them with their requirement be sure to mention that they will be informed of their praise, and if the review was negative take the time to apologise for the mistake made and inform them that it will be addressed and resolved. By offering solutions publicly you showcase a company that is relatable and progressive from any mishaps.

Don’t Be Negatively Reactive

Deleting bad reviews or reporting them if you do not agree with the input is not a valid move, as this can lead to the reviewer being persistent and bad-mouthing the company even further on other forums. The internet can bring out the worst in people when it comes to grudges.

If the customer identifies themselves online, take the time to contact them personally and express a caring attitude that they have not had the experience they should have, working to rectify the situation. Remember, a second review from them on how you made amends and fixed the situation to a satisfactory standard speaks volumes about how you care for your customers. If the reviewer remains anonymous, then request for the reviewer to contact you directly in an open forum so you can personally handle their dissatisfaction with the service.

Showcasing yourself as a professional body in a potentially volatile space makes you look like an honest business that is active in problem-solving.

Online business reviews are a small part of digital marketing but cannot leave a bigger impression. For more information on how to better progress with advice from a leading digital marketing agency Stockport, contact the team at Search and More today.

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